Fashion model way to get noticed

The fashion model way to get noticed.



The financial crisis has hit the fashion world too. Whole empires are wobbling and so are the fashion models. They can’t starve themselves more than they already do, or wear skimpier outfits or be quirkier. (Bushy eyebrows aside, Cara Delevinge)

The last resort is the iconic fall that has been showcased by Naomi Campbell years ago. The latest victim is a model who tried to impress Lagos residents during a fashion show by Kinabuti, she impressed them alright by flying through the air. Kinabuti will be pleased because this one model has provided them with a lot of publicity. Therefore she will definitely have a future in fashion.

In other words if you think your not so graceful fall on the sidewalk in front of the office the other day was unfortunate you might be wrong. It might turn out to be a great thing. Happy tripping!

Written By: Georgina Pijttersen