British Government to terminate aid to South Africa

 British Government to terminate aid to South Africa

Britain axes £19m aid to South Africa

A decision by the British Government to terminate the aid, given to the South African government for a smooth transition of apartheid to a flourishing economy after almost twenty years, comes to a halt in 2015.
Britain definitely a front leader in expanding aid programs to under developed countries reserves the right to stop this funding based on internal or external factors. South Africa certainly benefited from this aid, more in the government structure than real projects, which to this day are not developed. To mention a few, the housing program for the millions of homeless people remains a constant problem, not because there are no funds to develop, simply because of greed. The infrastructure of the power stations, roads and farming areas continue to remain undeveloped. Maintenance and service delivery continues to diminish as the years go by. Aid for a new school required, wonderful, but what about the existing schools who do not have textbooks. How can we build a new school if we cannot deliver textbooks?
The South African International Development infuriated by the announcement of the aid cut, will use trivial defense to extort the continuation of this aid. The government will after all, lose a large sum of money annually. A blame game started recently, South African government accusing Britain of not following protocol, and hinting at how the diplomatic relations between the two countries will suffer. Should Briton be scared, definitely not? A true democratic country and world leader have taken the correct action. Evident of starting discussions months ago with the correct South African parties, Britain certainly does not need intimidation. The facts presented and the correct action taken, Britain will utilize these funds for more progressive programs within its own country and rightly so.
The ANC government should display an attitude of gratefulness toward the countries that so generously assisted their transition of apartheid nearly twenty years ago, and helped them retain power for so long. The economy of South Africa continues to flourish and it is evident that this country is the powerhouse of the African continent. Trade between the two countries continues to grow annually creating vast wealth for South Africa. Sending intimidating treats to Britain is not only stupid but also careless by the intelligent leaders. What would South Africa do if Britain cancelled all trade between the two countries? Not millions but billions would be lost. It is evident that as the ruling party’s power diminishes their threats become louder.

Written By: Lauara Oneale

One Response to "British Government to terminate aid to South Africa"

  1. Disgruntled immigrant   May 12, 2013 at 5:02 am

    I love it…….. The world should sanction the ANC government for crimes against humanity. I hope that the other European nations as well as America follow suit. Will teach those ignoranus primates a thing or two about integrity and responsibility.

    Ironically, they want the white man out of the country, but they desperately need our money to survive.

    Let the bastards suffer

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