Tom Cruise Stars and produces MI5 with No Indication Who will Direct

Tom Cruise Stars and produces MI5 with No Indication Who will Direct

Tom Cruise is on top of his game. The Academy Award winning actor didn’t seem have any plans of retiring when he agreed to produce MI5 with no indication who would be chosen to direct the MI sequel.

After a year of Mission Impossible 4, and Ghost Protocol, Cruise has yet another big hit to make. Soon he will be seen doing death defying stunts in the scariest of places imaginable; avoiding explosions, beating the enemies, and using the latest in surveillance and gadgetry technology.

It is official, and once again Ethan Hunt will tempt his fate. However, this next MI5 project is lacking a significant element, and consequently, could be Tom Cruise’s toughest assignment since Ghost Protocol.

JJ Abrams, Cruise’s co-producer favors Christopher McQuarrie to direct the film. However, working on an entirely different project is a difficult feat according to Hollywood reporters.

Analysts say that the shift in projects may affect McQuarrie’s ability to direct the film effectively. He is currently buried with writing and directing the remake of a 1968 cold war thriller Ice Station Zebra. The story takes place in a submarine. It is a race between the Soviets and the Americans to the Arctic to retrieve a sensitive material.

The Mission Impossible series were directed by Hollywood’s finest; directors such as JJ Abrams, John Woo, Brad Bird, and Brian De Palma. The director for the 5th installment remains to be seen although McQuarrie is currently the frontrunner.

The deal was signed and sealed last November 2012, in which Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams were clearly interested in Christopher McQuarrie to direct the film.

Paramount Pictures was so pleased with Ghost Protocol’s earnings, garnering $700 million worldwide box-office hits.

Despite the $25 million earnings at the global box-office, underperformance in the domestic scene, and modest criticism, it still approved the MI5 to be filmed.

The studio favors McQuarrie to be the director of the latest Mission Impossible film. If you remember, he co-wrote with Tom Cruise in the film Valkyrie, co-writer for “All You Need is Kill,” and Oscar Award winning screenplay The Usual Suspects. His directing debut started with The Way of the Gun in 2002. His works also include The Wolverine, The Giant Slayer, and The Tourist, starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

It is amazing to anticipate what McQuarrie would decide. In his tweet, following the urging of Cruise and JJ Abrams, he said: “Deciding to Accept.” Analysts say that he chose his words carefully, and that he was clearly undecided. Later, the tweets were deleted. Paramount Studio did not comment on the tweet when prompted to provide a statement.

The Mission Impossible sequel has no title or release date yet. As of today, the identity of the next director of MI5 remains unclear, but if Cruise could pull it off, it would be another mission accomplished.

Cruise recently promoted his latest film Oblivion in Beijing, China, alongside director Joseph Kosinski to give overseas sales a boost.

Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas


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