U.S. Government Steal Millions and Waste billions of Our Tax Dollars

U.S. Government Steal Millions and Waste billions of Our Tax Dollars

When is Enough Government, Enough?

I have to ask, when is enough Government enough? They steal millions, and waste billions of our tax dollars, and we hardly budge an inch. Masterfully, they manipulate our loyalties and emotions with misinformation, political rhetoric, and propaganda. Yet, we continue to remain motionless, mere spectators to our political puppet-masters dance of words, and failed promises. There are no uprisings, there are no revolts. Hopelessly, we watch our fates unfold. If History has taught us anything, it has taught us nothing! Is there no end to this insanity?

Apparently not!

Even as these words are being read, our political pollsters are ‘spinning’ their lies and dealing them out, like a crooked card shark from the bottom of the deck. If you create the questions-it becomes easy to produce the answers you want your public to believe. “Do you still beat your wife”? Any answer becomes self-incriminating, whether you’re guilty or not! And, offering as a choice, ‘politically pre-selected’ multiple-choice questions, can only add to the confusion of an already apathetic electorate.

On reflection, the Witch trials of Salem seemed somewhat more humane. Witch or not; I would prefer a fast burning death at the stake, to the unrelenting torture of a thousand cuts.

When you subjugate millions of people to a life of poverty, you are condemning that civilization to extinction. Historically speaking, “The greatness that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome”… is evidently no more. “Panem et circum”, and more recently “Let them eat cake”, are no longer soothers or pacifiers for social change.

Civilizations rise and fall, and so do the powers behind them. The question is, “When are we going to say to these ‘merchants of chaos’, enough is enough”? If we don’t learn, and then fail to act from the lessons of our History, we are hereafter doomed to repeat them!

It’s easy to see how one could feel infuriated by our present political mess. An early American revolutionary, an exasperated Thomas Paine said it best, “These are the times that try Men’s souls”.

After forty years of careful examination and deliberation, focusing my attention on ‘failed and toppled’ Governments in our History; I have come to an inescapable conclusion as to what people consider a ‘good government’ to be. Generally speaking, the ‘apathetic and suppressed masses’ seem to accept Governments of tremendous duress and force; than those, which are very sweet, polite, and constructive. These come and go in a flash!

But, Governments that over tax its’ populous, falsely imprison its detractors, and condemn anyone offering a better solution, a more sane alternative to the existing chaos and confusion; well, they appear to thrive. And, not because of the state run police force, militia, or henchmen they covertly or overtly control; or, because of their suppressive and oppressive laws; or, that the Governments are actually doing a good job at governing. No, the answer lies sadly enough in the simple fact that people cannot confront these ‘tyrannical despots’; they simply can’t confront the horrors and confusion around them. Like them, we behave like a deer, caught in the headlights, stunned to stand still!

The first step of handling anything, anything, is being able to confront it. We must be able and willing to confront the lies, confront the treachery, and confront the mass deceit that has been perpetrated against us. It takes an aware public that is finally fed up, finally willing to stand and scream from every rooftop and computer terminal everywhere, “Enough is enough!”

Political pollsters and pundits beware…your days are numbered. Authority has a price: Accountability and Responsibility! Presently, we are at a pivotal point in our evolution as a culture, and as a society. We are at the crossroads of Civilization. For the first time in our turbulent and troubled past we possess the necessary tools to totally liberate ourselves from our suppressors, and their ‘machines’ of mass control. Never before has this been possible; never before has the power of one become the powers of so many!

Finally, we have within our grasp, not withstanding our collective apathies; the power to right any injustice, to topple any Governments that have gone awry; and, to also defiantly say no to the suppression and oppression of any individual, of any group, and within any country of our World.

Any inequality, any and every atrocity against our Humanity can now be assertively recorded, documented, and digitized for the world to view via the Internet. Our liberation is at hand. Our freedoms, and the removal of any barriers in our path, remain just a few finger clicks away, for the World to see, for the World to act upon!

Rise up!

Communicate your distaste for Government dishonesty and corruption to any other aware being that is willing to listen. Let your fingers become the clarion call for freedom everywhere. Repeat after me, “Enough is enough!

Written By: andrew zubriczky

2 Responses to "U.S. Government Steal Millions and Waste billions of Our Tax Dollars"

  1. Stephen Clarke   January 18, 2018 at 1:11 am

    The US Government has been knowingly stealing billions from its citizens yearly. Loved the writing. Power to the people!

  2. randy rogue   April 17, 2017 at 1:37 am

    Our Government has been trying to deceive us since we first elected them; or since they first took power away from the English!

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