Vin Diesel and Fast & Furious Dominate Memorial Day Weekend

Fast and Furious 6 dominates the Memorial Day weekend

Vin Diesel and his latest Fast & Furious look set to dominate the Memorial Day weekend at the box office. This has been a busy weekend at the box office and out of all the competitors for the top spot, Diesel and company look to be the clear winners in revenue.

Fast & Furious 6 shifted into high gear and drove over The Hangover III and they could actually speed into the record books for this weekend. The film opened on Friday and by Saturday pulled in a cool $98 million. The sixth in the film franchise is projected to pull in over $122 million by close of business today.

If you look at past figures of Memorial Day film debut’s that means that F&F 6 zooms in at the third or fourth biggest Memorial Day debut of all time coming behind Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which grossed $126 million from Friday to Monday and $150 million from Thursday through Monday; and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End which grossed $153 million Friday to Monday.

But it needs to be remembered that the “projected” return is over $122 million. If you compare the film to its predecessor Fast & Furious 5 they are already over the $86 million that film pulled in on its weekend opening by a cool $10 million. If you add into the equation the holiday weekend opening, it looks like F&F 6 is going to clearly trump F&F 5 in box office receipts.

With Fast & Furious 7 already greenlit for a release next year, it remains to be seen if the demographic that these films are aimed at will lose interest or not.

So while Vin Diesel and his Fast & Furious 6 Dominate the Memorial Day weekend, it does seem to be self evident that the heady mix of muscle, speed, muscle cars and knock out babes is a winning formula, no matter what number you tack on the end of the title.

Obviously any film that can feature that much on-screen mayhem and car chases and keep the rating down to PG-13, will pull in a bigger audience than one rated R or a lesser rated “family film” that will only get the little ones and their begrudging parents into the cinema.

The winning combination of Diesel and Dwayne Johnson (and Michelle Rodriguez, let’s not forget her) could almost be considered money in the bank from the word go. While the franchise has to keep increasing the high octane action sequences that make the films so popular, they will continue to do very well at the box office.

Considering the strong competition that F&F 6 faced this Memorial Day weekend, it is apparent that audiences still can’t get enough of this formula. It would be interesting to see if Diesel, Johnson and the rest of the film’s popular cast would do as well in a different film. One that didn’t also star the cars.

Because the other powerful crowd magnet that pull in those bums on seats in the cinema, is the car magnet. Powerful beasts that rule the road and the screen. Vehicles that can play a game of chicken and make the opposition’s car go airborne or smash it flat has got to be most younger drivers dream come true; on screen at least.

But the final countdown of this weekends box office takings are still to reach the final tally. Vin Diesel and his fast and furious box office receipts that are dominating the Memorial Day weekend may just break the record; knocking back Indiana Jones and Captain Jack Sparrow.

By Michael Smith


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