AIDS Controlled by Natural Remedies in Africa


Miraculous findings show that AIDS is being controlled by natural remedies in Africa.   Betty Hewitt has been a medical missionary in Africa since 1979 where she has worked with people suffering from leprosy and AIDS.  In 1998 she was appointed head post as the natural remedies consultant HIV/AIDS to the Military Medical Services in Zambia.  After 3 years they were able to find the HIV replication rate could be controlled by using natural remedies such as diet alterations, herbal remedies, water therapy and colon hydrotherapy.

How does HIV work to become AIDS?

The original theory on HIV, since 1981, is that the HIV virus uses the body’s T-4 helper cells, taken by invasion, to create more HIV virus.  Clinical observations have shown, however, that less than a single percent of T-4 helper cells are infected.  According to the theory, you would think 90% or more of the T-4 cells to be infected, so what is the truth?  The questions are: “is the primary source of infection somewhere else in the body?” and “if so, where?” and “how does it suppress the immune system”?

According to Betty’s findings in Zambia, they have found a possible sanctuary in the body, where it is believed that the AIDS virus grows, multiplies and enters the blood stream.  This place is thought to be in the lower bowel of the intestinal tract.  In the digestive system, efficiency is never 100%, in fact, there are several factors that inhibit complete productivity in this part of the body, including Candida Albicans, which lives off of simple sugars.  HIV virus lives off of undigested proteins.  In certain harder to digest proteins such as gluten(in wheat) and casein(found in dairy products)  as well as other proteins like meat and eggs cooked at higher temperatures, they found protein digestion efficiency could drop to 60% or less.  With this statistic in mind, a colon containing 40% or more undigested proteins, giving the HIV virus  a wonderful breeding ground.

These undigested proteins, now attached to the hungry HIV virus, cling to the intestinal walls, which over time, leaks out into the bloodstream.  Undigested proteins are seen as foreign invaders to the immune system, as we have seen in simple cases of gluten allergies and the like.  With this attack happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the immune system would be in the position of exhaustion.  As time goes on, an exhausted immune system could not replace it’s T-4 helper cells, the generals of the immune system, so the numbers decline, the end result being full blown AIDS.

In the medical world we have focused on destroying the HIV virus in the bloodstream, though this is the secondary source of infection, according the Betty’s research in Africa.

Often those who are infected develop severe diarrhea as their bodies try and wash out the recognized problem.  This does not work, however, because the infection is cycling around in the body, from the colon, to the bloodstream and lymphatics, back to the colon again.

Strategy for Controlling HIV 

These findings in Zambia suggest that the real problem is in the intestinal tract, and if you can turn off the never ending supply of undigested proteins from becoming a food source for the virus, then the infection can be controlled, thereby saving the immune system from ever becoming AIDS.

The protocol is fairly strict, but the success rate is high, demanding patients to follow a specific diet and include fasting one day per week.  From Betty’s website she lists these considerations:

  1. Colon cleansing. Use a mixture of distilled water, psyllium powder and fresh lemon juice to acidify the colon and kill of HIV virus.
  2. Colonic irrigation and enemas to physically remove infected fecal matter from the colon.
  3. Fasting one day a week on distilled water, lemon juice and raw honey.
  4. Eat predigested proteins for 100% assimilation (Soy Milk with soy protein isolates added and yogurt culture added). Pancreatin (to digest proteins) tablets taken with this protein drink before meals.
  5. Eat cultured proteins (yogurt made from soy milk)  that is easily assimilated and contains acidophilus. This friendly flora produces lactic acid which destroys most bad bacteria.
  6. Take hydrochloric acid and protein digestive enzymes if you eat hard to digest proteins like meat, eggs, fish or fowl.
  7. Eliminate hard to digest proteins from the diet like casein from dairy products and gluten’s from wheat and coagulated proteins (fried meats).

There are other herbal suggestions as well give on her site:

There have been many cases, following the plan put together by Betty and her team, who have experienced an increase in their T- 4 helper cells, including, not only those in Africa, but around the world. One survivor, John Russell Carlton, who’s case is reported in the book “They Conquered AIDS”, by Dr. Scott Gregory O.M.D., said “One of the first things I did was to go on a carrot juice fast with distilled water and Herb’s for six days. During the fast, I had colonic wash outs. It was the most tremendous week. The fast arrested my fever. It was a hard thing for me to stay on, but I went through with it.”

Betty Hewitt is thrilled with the results they are seeing.  She reports “After seeing 146 patients pass through our Centre in two years most of whom have gained weight, and have improved clinically. It has become evident to me that if a diet of fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts is adopted as soon as one suspects one is infected, then full blown AIDS will never develop.

Her dream is to build a Natural Remedies for HIV/AIDS clinic, there in Africa, where they can enable the many thousands of people there who suffer to get back their health and live productive lives again.

If you would like to contribute to the building of this center in Africa, you can go directly to Betty’s site: Natural Remedies for HIV and AIDS and help today.

With number of people with AIDS in the millions and research in the tens of millions, wouldn’t it be miraculous to find out that help was as close as the foods these people eat and the efficiency of their digestion?  We could all serve to have this information for our own health and happiness. Thanks to people like Betty Hewitt, who are working in the trenches with the people battling this illness, we are able to find answers.  May modern science and medicine take this information to heart and join nutritionists in healing the world of the AIDS epidemic.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Betty Hewitt’s site; How AIDS works

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