Where Super Bowl L Should be Held

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The vote for where Super Bowl L and LI will be held will be conducted tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Owners of all 32 NFL franchises will convene tomorrow, with the front runners to host the events giving their opening presentations beginning at 9 a.m. eastern time. Two potential sites have emerged for the historic 50th running of the Super Bowl, San Francisco and Miami. This night will certainly be the most highly touted Super Bowl yet, so the benefits for hosting this game in 2016 are obvious.

When the vote is conducted the winning team will need to secure a three-quarters majority, or 24 of the 32 owner votes. If that fails to happen, a second vote will be conducted at a later date where a simple majority wins the right to host the game. Whoever loses this battle will face Houston in the battle for Super Bowl 51.

The NFL is the epitome of American sports. Despite playing less than a tenth of the MLB season each year, 16 games versus 162 in baseball, the NFL is the sport more Americans follow year round than any other. The NFL has dominated our sporting landscape for sometime, commanding ridiculous money in TV deals and advertising throughout each year. Hosting a Super Bowl is a major deal for a city, bringing in incredible amounts of money during its week-long festivities. According to a study by the University of New Orleans, Super Bowl XLVII brought roughly $480 million in spending to the city.

Miami is a city that has hosted the Super Bowl before, ten times to be exact, so the city is familiar with how to put on a show on the national stage. However the flaw in their bid to host this marquee game in the extensive history that is the NFL is that Sun Life Stadium is 26 years old and getting outdated. Miami attempted to secure the funds to construct a new stadium, but was denied funding earlier this month in the Florida State Legislature. The Stadium only has a 3 star rating on Yelp.com, with fans complaining about the renovations that have been done to the park not being enough to modernize the facility.

Miami did pledge something that the Super Bowl has never before seen. A “Super Bowl Park” would be created along the water and would host a two week long celebration instead of the typical one week festivities. Features of this park would be a zip-line through the city and temporary floating nightclubs according to the Miami Herald. Impressive festivities to say the least, although they are just ideas at this point as no corporate funding has been announced by the city as of yet.

San Francisco, the other option, is currently constructing a brand new stadium that will be operational by July of 2014. The $1.2 billion dollar ball park will certainly be appealing to the NFL’s brass who will be voting Tuesday. San Francisco has hosted Super Bowls and major events before, so experience in handling such a milestone event is not a concern. The San Francisco area may not boast floating night clubs or anything quite so insane as Miami, however they do have $30 million dollar in corporate sponsorships and funding secured, a number that is nothing to scoff at.

Although these are the only two cities thought to be in the running, it doesn’t mean the NFL is making the right call by narrowing their search to these two venues. For the most historic night in the history of the NFL, they should play in the NFL’s most historic venue, Lambeau Field. Now here I must admit that I am a native of Green Bay, and although that makes me somewhat biased on this subject, I feel that the idea makes sense for a few reasons. I realize that this is nothing more than a dream, but the execs of the league would be right to hear me out nonetheless.

Historic events should be held in a historic place. It doesn’t get more historic in the NFL than Lambeau field. A February night at Lambeau would provide a throwback atmosphere to the glory days of the league’s past. Fans sitting in attendance at the iconic Frozen Tundra wouldn’t be able to shake thoughts of the Ice Bowl from their heads as they tossed snowballs into the air with every score their team made. This is a game fans are certain to remember and Lambeau has provided countless games like that in the past, and have the ability to deliver in a big way in this situation.

Recent renovations to the stadium have provided the classic field with all the amenities the modern fan desires while attending a ball game. Massive jumbo screens grace each end zone of the classic bowl shaped stadium, and construction is underway to expand the current seating capacity of 72,515 even further, making it plenty large to host such an event.

The city of Green Bay itself may not have the infrastructure to host an event that attracts so many people, but surrounding cities such as Appleton could shoulder some of the load, and if that still wouldn’t be enough Milwaukee and Madison are within a day’s driving distance for most people who would attend the game.

Forefathers of the sport such as Vince Lombardi, whom the trophy teams will be playing for in Super Bowl L is named after, battled in the stadium within pro sports’ smallest venue, and having the present day gladiators of the NFL do the same would be an amazing way to sync past and present legends of the game for one amazing night. Lambeau Field would provide the perfect site for this game.

Sadly though, this is the real world, and executives have been reluctant to host the Super Bowl in a cold weather stadium in the past, and couple with the size of Green Bay, they will not host this game. The vote will come down to San Francisco and Miami, two warm weather cities that would be able to put on a wide array of festivities and host the massive crowd that follows the event each year. Super Bowl L will be an event to remember certainly, we will find out tomorrow which city will receive the honor of playing host to it tomorrow.

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