Yahoo, The Groom, Can Now Kiss The Bride, Tumblr

Who beats the first beats the best

The deal is closed, the expectations are high and game is about to start. Yahoo company bought Tumblr, the blogging network, going social. It was sold for $1.1 billion this Monday. The groom can now kiss the bride.

Tumblr was one of those rare and blooming social networks that was expected to get sold to one of the biggest companies from Silicon Valley sooner or later. It was no casualty that the visionary Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo, has pulled the reins of the multi million dollar site and looking into the futuristic horizon of smartphones, tablets and media consumers; This is her first big move, and it seems they have some thirst for new and refreshing ciber-blood, with the announcement of Flickr, also.

Once upon a time Yahoo was one of the most vibrant sites on the web, because their colorful approach in a business that was just developing and evolving as fast as; well, tomorrow is old news, however, in the multi-dynamic, unexpected and wild world that is the internet, Yahoo became kind of obsolete, not in terms of revenue, because its position in the mind of users was already very well placed and keep it safe until now, but it wasn’t as colorful anymore. That might explain why Yahoo has had five CEO´s in the last five years.

In a very short period, twitter and facebook, became the center of attention of the masses; with so much to offer to all kinds of demographics, starting with young audiences, which at the end of the day will be the consumers of tomorrow.

Yahoo stayed in its principle most relevant “Yet another hierarchical officious oracle” YAHOO, and turned serious and stayed behind in the race.

Now, in my opinion, the smart choice that Marissa Mayer has taken, put Yahoo back in their colorful and avant garde beginnings and looking into the real future: the business in social media.

The investors are happy with the decision. And although Tumblr might have a few weaknesses, since porn links abound, I´m sure Yahoo has thought about those issues, and with time and work they will overcome.

The site has enormous possibilities for growth, due to the fact that Tumblr is young and has different streams that have not been explored, like their blogging part.

Now, lets watch the Tumblr and Yahoo marriage and see how it evolves. There will be lots of decisions and new adjustments to the site to make it more marketable, and unique, without losing their essence and fun side.

Finally, users will win the battle, finding better and more practical ways to express and socialize.

Meanwhile the new deal might make Facebook shareholders a bit nervous, because the competence will get rough and the trending topic will be, who to follow?, why to follow it? And is worth it? If we go back to the simplest principles of advertisement, remember, who beats the first beats the best…

Written By: Oskar FG Guzman

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