5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Account More Popular


Facebook is getting older, and so is your account. It’s now crammed with old school images, posts, comments and a few confessions. But you need to be popular in your circle. You are not a celeb but you are surely capable of making your Facebook account a worthwhile, popular one. Just count six and the whole account is upside down and will stun your friends. Then you will only receive messages asking, “Tell me how, tell me how?”

So, just keep going, Father Facebook knows it all. If the conversation box casts no charm and number games get boring, switch on to new processes. There are 5 cute quirky ways to make your Facebook account more popular.

1) Pirate English

Wanna speak in Jack Sparrow style? You don’t need to understand his words, just switch on a new mode. Simply go to account settings and change your choice of language to Pirate English and wait. The “likes” become “arrrs” with every Mr. Sparrow post: Hoy there, where’s the thump-thump? Your old Facebook will have some matey time babbling around in Pirate English. We hope, it is a fun idea to make your Facebook account more popular. It’s time for rugged charm, ruffled English.

2) Posting from Afterlife

Don’t get strangled. You have other choices. There is a sea of options to choose from where you’d like to post. Log on to FB and visit Postedvia.com to grab them; be it Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or Air Force one, just click on “update status” after penning your message. People will read your posts from Harry Potter’s school to aircraft…..but it stays for one day. Still, isn’t it a charismatic idea to make things happen and popularize your account?

3) Upside-down status

If you want your words to dance or jingle to your tune, just visit fliptext.org. Key in the message you want to be flipped and the message will appear horizontally flipped in another box on your screen. Copy the flipped text and post into your FB status. You don’t need to be a designer to design your own account.

4) Symbolic samples

Don’t love the old smileys anymore? Visit Fsymbols.com and get them according to your mood; it’s home to cool icons and you have to click and copy. It’s raining outside and you want some crispy gossip with friends, so all you need to do is to choose a proper icon. Expression is yours, symbols are their’s.

5) Number 1 to 7

Each of these numbers are vital for your facebook to browse things. I takes you to the home screen, 2 is for timeline, 3 is for friends, 4 for inbox, 5 for notifications, 6 for account settings and 7 for privacy. Each number has a story to tell and you have to be aware of it.

Facebook is something to show off and if you spice it up, you will definitely grab some attention. Try new modes and you won’t look back again to gain followers or friends. Often your friends need to get inspired, hypnotized by simply “you”. From now, FB is lots more fun, without much effort. Swish your hands, spell the tricks, say something in pirate way, be Mr. Sparrow or Ms. Sparrow.

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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