After Earth Flop or Not (Poll)

After Earth Flop or Not

You know how much we love our polls here at The Guardian Express. Well with all the feedback we’ve been getting from those folks, “in the know” it appears that, After Earth, Will and Jaden Smith’s latest film is a flop. But what do you think? Is it a flop or not?

It may just be that Jaden hasn’t been given a chance here by the critics or the audience. He pretty much carries this whole film on his young shoulders. Trudging solo through a hostile environment while his old man stays behind and only enters the trek via communication.

On interviews running up to the film’s debut, Will joked that he trained for the film by laying around. He wasn’t kidding. He gets to do a lot of nothing, but talk to his son who is battling the hostile environment that earth has become.

No to different from today, come to think of it. The world has always been a hostile environment for those young people starting out on their own. Unless of course you are a member of the mega successful Smith clan who will no doubt see that Jaden is not alone, regardless of whether After Earth is a flop or not.

But the bottom line is this, does the film, After Earth, deserve more of a chance? Is it just misunderstood? Is there more to the film than a thinly veiled Scientology lesson? Has M Night Shyamalan struck out yet again?

So we are going to ask you, our faithful readers, (who we always love to hear from) what do you think?

This, like all our other polls, is just for fun. But if you’ve seen the film, think about it. Did you enjoy Will and Jaden’s performance, or to put it another way, did you go to see the film just to see them, film plot be damned.

With all the negative reactions going on, we want to know what “real” audiences think of the film, not just the critics! So let us know…

After Earth, flop or not?

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By Michael Smith


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