After Earth: Will Smith hates humanity so much he unleashes dreadful movie upon us

Forget After Earth Will Smith worst movie to date

After Earth

Why Will? Why??? Have we not loved you, from the moment you started talking about your problems in West Philadelphia, and how you became the prince of a town called Bel-Air? We loved you when you were trying to save the world from alien invasion in Independence day, we suffered with you in The pursuit of Happyness, we laughed with you when you were Men in Black one, two, and come on, even three. Well then, why do we deserve After Earth? Does Will Smith hate humanity suddenly so much that he unleashes such a dreadful movie upon us?

Let’s have a look at why it’s so terrible: In After Earth humans live in spaceships in a far away future. Fashion dictates that everybody is super fit, and wears incredibly tight spandex body suits. Will Smith plays the commander of the ship, a famous one and Jaden, well, Jaden just plays himself basically. The son of the famous commander who wants to please everyone. Then suddenly the aforementioned space ship crashes on earth. Nobody expects Smith, and Jaden to survive this awful crash. Although they aren’t very happy that they landed on Earth because it has been dreadful and uninhabitable for years.

Of course the father, son couple needs to leave Earth immediately, and they have to go look for a location device which supposedly should help them return home. The odd thing is that Jaden has to go on his own, and Will guides him virtually. Smith’s character has been wounded when they landed, and he isn’t able to move. Luckily for them there are many conveniently present cameras, and strange technological computer panels.

Most critics agree about one thing; Will hasn’t proven yet that it is truly a must see movie. So far After Earth has been disappointing. Actually some might say that Will hates humanity, and unleashes a dreadful movie upon us because apparently we deserve this punishment. We have sinned! The Rotten Tomatoes score was so far 15%, that’s very poor. Critics have been quoted as saying the movie was:  “Expensive disaster”, “2013’s first bomb” and it :”barely registers as entertainment.”

Apart from After Earth being well, not very good, or just dreadful, if you will. The publicity the Smiths have garnered the past few weeks was also dreadful. Will Smith flexed his muscles, and dissed Jamie Foxx, and the reasons why Smith had turned down Django Unchained. Jaden, Will’s son, then added during a widely weird interview that he understands life through patterns and he hates fame. Which is of course a laughable statement if you are promoting a movie which is worth a 150 million dollar, and has been pushed on you, by your own father. Overall the Smith men cut a very strange figure, and nobody felt inspired after that to go watch their new movie.

If Will Smith keeps up this losing streak, he might me in the same boat as the director of After Earth. Almost all of his recent movies haven’t done very well. For example Seven Pounds was a critically and financially negative heavy weight. MIB: 3 was quite the disappointment, because it had the biggest budget of all three MIB movies but sold the fewest tickets.

The director of After Earth being, sometimes geniu,s and mostly just strange, M. Night Shyamalan. (Remember the one who filmed dead people in The Sixth Sense but also shot a horror movie  The village ,which turned out to be a true horror of a movie but not because if fit the bill.) Sony pictures decided not to mention Shyamalan because he is not always the critic pleaser, and this might hurt the chances of Will Smith’s movie becoming successful.

Will Smith hates humanity, supposedly in After Earth, and indeed unleashes a dreadful movie upon us but only because: “I don’t know what my calling is, but I want to be here for a bigger reason. I strive to be like the greatest people who have ever lived.” Maybe After Earth is Will’s way of finding that higher calling.

By Georgina Pijttersen

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