Alzheimer’s disease Coconut Oil treatment


Alzheimer’s disease is is the most common form of dementia, which have no cure, worsens with time and eventually leads to death.

It was first described by psychiatrist and neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer in 1906.

In 2006 were 26.6 million sufferers worldwide and is predicted to affect 1 out of 85 people by 2050.

Every individual develops the disease in different ways, but there are many common symptoms.

At the early stages of the disease is usually mistaken for age related concerns or stress issues and could go undiagnosed for years.

At first people start having difficulty remembering events, confusion, aggression, irritability, trouble with language, mood swings and withdrawing from family and friends, lost of body functions and death.

Fewer than 3 percent of individuals live more than 14 years after the illness is found.

There is a video in YouTube that shows the story of Mary T. Newport MD where she says that in a study they found out that people had improve scores of their cognitive testing just after their first dose of coconut oil.

Her husband was diagnose to be on the verge of severe Alzheimer’s when she decided that they had nothing to loose trying the natural approach. He had a remarkable recovery.

“The Newport’s’ story, first told in the Tampa Bay Times in 2008, went global. Mary Newport heard from thousands of people. She lobbied researchers, politicians and support groups to study the effects of coconut oil on Alzheimer’s patients. She even wrote a book she says sold more than 50,000 copies.”

“Mary Newport, now 61, is a neonatologist who runs the newborn-intensive-care unit at Spring Hill Regional Hospital. More than a decade ago, Steve Newport, an accountant, began having problems. He forgot appointments, got lost driving, couldn’t finish payroll reports. He was 54 when he was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s.”

Vrajlal Parmar, a 68 year old guy from India, was diagnose with the late stages of Alzheimer’s in 2007, a year later he no longer recognized his daughter Rashi but miraculously after 2 years of a daily dose of coconut oil that he take to treat himself he’s been able to recognized her again.

By the next year he no longer recognized Rashi, 38.
Yet miraculously, just two years after her wedding day, Vrajlal knows who she is again.
“I lost my dad to Alzheimer’s five years ago and I thought I would never get him back,” said Rashi. “But somehow I have, and it’s the most amazing thing. He missed my wedding because I was a stranger to him. Then three months ago he suddenly started asking for me again and recognizing me.”

“Within a month his mood completely changed,” said Rashi. “He became calmer and relaxed. He started shaving, then bathing on his own. Then one day he gave me a hug and said my name. It was the most emotional moment.”

The Alzheimer’s Society said: “We don’t yet have any strong scientific evidence to back up claims coconut oil has benefits.”

The family of Rashi is campaigning for a medical trial to prove the benefits of coconut oil, that it is believed to encourage the body to produce organic matter that generates energy for the brain cells and Kal is making a film about her father’s story.

Written by Edgar Soto

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  2. If there is some indication that the treatment Dr Mary Newport provided her husband, Steve Newport, with Altzheimer”s, using coconut oil, to treat this devestating neurological condition, I request an update on her continued treatment of her husband be provided.
    Its been years ago her findings indicated progress in the treatment of this devestating condition, and a report from her would be more than welcome for those of us with spouses or family member so inflicted.
    My sincere appreciation for an update from Dr Newport would be most welcome, as continued reports indicate there is presently no cure.

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