Amanda Bynes Gonna Be a Rap Star

Amanda Bynes Gonna Be a Rap Star

It seems like only yesterday that Amanda Bynes posted on Twitter her announcement that said, among other things, that she was ‘gonna be a a rap star.’ Well, unlike her other tweets, this one appears to have been a good call on the part of the ex-Nickelodeon star. Bynes has been offered a record deal with an East Coast hip-hop label to drop her very first album.

The label, Chinga Chang Records, has offered the 27 year-old actress and designer a deal, according to the label’s producer Daniel Herman. The company is a New York-based music group that was founded in 2003. Herman told Monday June 10 that he had extended an offer to Bynes after he cleared the idea with The Orchard and Sony Entertainment. Once he got the go ahead he approached Bynes’ attorney in Los Angeles.

Herman, who is the CEO of Chinga Chang records spoke to Huffington Post in a phone interview on June 11. The label producer said, “She’s phenomenal and that’s the crazy thing about this. This is the perfect home. This isn’t just a gimmick.”

At this point, however, the All That star hasn’t yet signed the contract. But Herman has said that he is “beyond confident” that she will sign. He is hoping to get the signature later this week.

The Chinga Chang CEO and producer went on the say, “Right now you have a Nickelodeon pop star masquerading as a gangster rapper. So I see someone like Amanda Bynes and I know she has talent. I grew up with Nick and the orange couch. I know she has talent. I’ve heard her sing when she was younger. I wanna get her in the cutting room in NYC and see what she has. Why the hell not?”

Exactly! “Why the hell not,” indeed. The always in the news actress would bring an almost instant following to whichever record label she decides to sign with. Amanda Bynes is headline news and signing her would be a good business move for the small record label. If she signs the contract, there is no doubt that the public will be interested in her first tracks.

The Chinga Chang label definitely believes that Amanda Bynes has what is takes to fullfil her promise of being a rap star, at least Daniel Herman thinks so. He is singing her praises and going on about “how gangster” she is.

Herman has even gone so far as to say that Amanda “is more gangster than Drake.” If you consider the amount of times that Bynes has “Twitter ranted” Drake on the socia media site she at least has the attitude down pat.

In the same interview Herman said, “You’ve got a girl that’s very attractive and very talented. If you look at her actions and attitude she represents hip-hop a lot better than Drake. Musically, this girl carries herself. She is hip-hop … She is not crazy, she is not on drugs. She’s just hip-hop! She’s a great talent who is going to make some great records with some classic producers.”

The 27 year-old Bynes has tweeted before, as we have pointed out already, that she was aiming to be a rap star and now it seems that her prediction was more than just another ‘rant.’ Of course the same time she’d tweeted about the rap star schtick, she also tweeted that she was a millionaire and wanted to be left alone.

The actress told TMZ that she had turned down a job offer with Playboy Radio because she wants to focus on her rap career. Although she did say that she would appear on the radio show to promote her record. We think that the first track Amanda Bynes drops should be titled, “Gonna Be a Rap Star.” Catchy, no?

By Michael Smith