Arrest Warrant Issued in Hernandez Murder Probe

An arrest warrant has been issued for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez as part of an ongoing murder probe.
An arrest warrant has been issued for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez as part of an ongoing murder probe.

Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for New England Patriot’s Tight End Aaron Hernandez for allegedly interfering in the efforts to investigate the murder of 27 year old Odin Lloyd.

The arrest warrant has been issued for Hernandez for obstruction of justice, as revealed by an informant close to the investigation on the condition of anonymity.

Hernandez has played the central role in the investigation as a result of several suspicious behaviors since the murder occurred.

For starters he was seen both at a bar, and leaving with the victim the night of the crime. The body of Odin Lloyd was found less than a mile away from the home of the Patriot’s tight end by a jogger the next morning. He then proceeded to hire a cleaning staff to go to his house before police could arrive to question him about his actions that night.

Yesterday it became known that a home surveillance system at his featuring video that potentially could have been used as evidence had been destroyed by Hernandez, as well as his cell phone.

Neither the lawyer of Aaron Hernandez, Michael Fee, or the Bristol County District Attorney was available for comment in the aftermath of the arrest warrant being issued.

In typical New England Patriot form, Aaron Hernandez and his lawyer have been quiet throughout the process, ignoring the swarm of reporters that has followed his every move. Helicopters were even used yesterday to tail his car around during his trip out of the house.

Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots have also remained quiet during the investigation. The team has to be hoping to have Hernandez on the field, as he is an integral piece of their offense.

The arrest warrant that has been issued to Aaron Hernandez during the ongoing murder probe for obstruction of justice does not bode well for the star tight end. This is a developing story and more will be made available as we know it.

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