BET Awards Discriminates Against Beyonce

Man 12 Nominations Rihanna 3, Beyonce 1

BET Awards Discriminates Against Beyonce

Beyonce is the icon who needs to attract more fans to music, and comedy by black artists. She will try to accomplish this by kicking of the first day of the three-day BET music festival today. The BET awards will be held this weekend. (BET as in: Black Entertainment Television.) However it seems like the BET Awards discriminates against Beyonce and female singers in general. Male nominations are at the top, while females are dwelling at the bottom.

The BET awards, already 13 years in the making and going strong, is the ceremony where black musicians, actors, and athletes across a variety of categories are celebrated. The categories being: music, film, and sport. The show will be aired on the BET network.

The purpose of the festival, according to the president of music programming, and special events at BET Networks, Stephen Hill, is to include the fans, and make them really feel one with BET. It should give the public a more inclusive experience. He said:  “What we noticed through the years was that people would come out. They had tickets to the awards and they’d come for the weekend … and people came just to be in the atmosphere of the awards, even if they didn’t have tickets.”

Some of the BET awards nominees:

– R&B singer Drake with a total of 12 nominations. (Very impressive indeed, will he be able to win them all?)

– 8 nominations for Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz.

– A$AP Rocky “only” received 5 nominations. (What did he do wrong, right? He should take note when Drake wins all 12)

A bit strange is the fact that all these artists are male, and nominated an absurd amount of times. The ladies lag behind. Rihanna is first on the female nominee list with 3 nominations followed by Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj who only have 1 nomination each. Isn’t that a bit of a let down? Where is Alicia Keys in all this? Aren’t we, the girls, supposed to be “on fire”?  It seems like the BET Awards discriminates against Beyonce and female singers in general. Why would this be?

Robert@RobertEarl tweeted “I know Ciara is gonna shut down the BET Awards on Sunday. I can’t wait!” However where is lovely Ciara on this nominee list? Should she have been included? Or is this correct?

The film nominees have some big A list names on the nominee list like: Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Halle Berry, and Kerry Washington. Jaden Smith will be there as well to hopefully collect an award of his own. Talented newcomer  Quvenzhane Wallis, who was also nominated for an Oscar, gave the list of established names a bit of a refreshing twist.

The BET festival will be held at numerous locations all throughout L.A. The locations range from small clubs to big buildings like the Nokia Theater. (With possibilities to entertain 2,000 fans.)

If you go to check out the festival for yourself, you might be able to sneak a peak at Snoop dogg (or lion), Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole. Stephen Hill is super excited and can’t wait until the party starts. He said: “People have encouraged other people to sample more music from different genres, different eras. Festivals are catered to that.”

Tweeter user Johno wanted to add the following: “People like to complain about the BET Awards. I think people get a jolly out of complaining about everything. Of course its not the same since a few years ago. You’re older now! But no matter what there’s at least a few performances that I’ll watch over and over again.” That might be true but it sure looks like the BET Awards discriminates against Beyonce and female singers in general. What do you think? Acceptable or not?

By Georgina Pijttersen