BET Awards (Review)


The 2013 BET Awards have finally arrived! The show began with Chris Brown opening the show. He performed “Don’t Think They Know.” Toward the end of the performance, Nicki Minaj joined in and kept the censors busy.  Nicki has  really subdued her look for this performance.

Chris Tucker was funny, as usual, and he made a joke about letting Wesley Snipes do his taxes. He said forget about saving your money for a rainy day, “I’m going to go out and buy me a Ferrari.” He said he bought too many houses, and has two next to each other, making him his own next door neighbor.

Don Cheadle was onstage next, and offered prayers and hope to the extraordinary Nelson Mandela and his family, and the people of South Africa. He said: “Mr. Mandela, we salute you, and wish you well.”

Best Male R&B/Pop Artist was the first award given. Miguel won the award. He came onstage and touched the hands of several people in the crowd as he walked to the microphone to accept the award.

After commercials, Chris Tucker introduced Robin Thicke. He sang “Blurred Lines” and did a great job, though this song/video has a lot of controversy surrounding it, as some argue it “reeks of rape.” There was a sign with his name lit up in large red letters behind him. T.I. and Pharrell joined Robin on stage, too.

Angela Bassett from “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” was on stage with an actress — I didn’t catch her name — from “Being Mary Jane.” The pair introduced the people up for Best New R&B Artist. The winner was Kendrick Lamar. He wasn’t there to accept the award, so they accepted it for him. He must have been getting ready to sing, which they announced he would do, after the commercials.

Wayne Brady introduced the nominees for the Young Stars Award. He said “The award goes to Gabrielle Douglas!” The gymnast walked on stage and thanked everyone who had helped her along the way to the Olympics and since then. She said: “This is definitely incredible.”

Kendrick Lamar then performed his song “m.A.A.d City,” then Erykah Badu joined him to perform a pretty cool rendition of “Trick, Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

Chris then did a few jokes about Michael Jackson, who was a friend of his. He does a pretty good imitation of Michael. He then sang the Jackson song “Human Nature.”

El DeBarge was next. He introduced ta Music Matters performance from the singer Austin Brown, of the Jackson family bloodline.

More commercials, then Chris Tucker again came on, and messed with entertainers in the audience, like Jamie Fox and Tyler Wilson. He seemed to be basically chewing up time to allow the next performers to get ready.

Then, performers were singing acappela and walking down the aisles — voices perfectly synchronized — very cool. Males on one side, females on the other, in a call/response sort of song.

Then,  R.Kelly sang a medley of his hits.

Best Gospel Artist came next. The award went to Mary Mary. She wasn’t there, so the presenters accepted the award on her behalf.

Cedric the Entertainer presented the Subway Sportsman and Sportswoman Awards. LeBron James won the Subway Sportsman of theYear Award, and Gabrielle Douglas won the Subway Sportswoman of the Year Award. She acted surprised.

After a ton of commercials, Mariah Carey was onstage, singing her new song “#Beautiful” with Miguel. Mariah can still hit the high notes, and still has a rockin’ body.

The cast of The Real Husbands of Hollywood came onstage next. The shortest one of them, Kevin Hart, was somewhat funny — he flirted with Nicki Minaj in the audience. He said “Turn up, man,” way too much. The winner of the awrd they introduced was Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx gave a shout out to Quentin Tarantino.

Then Amber Rose won the Viewer’s Choice for Best Face Award.

Diane Latiker was given a humanitarian award for her work helping feed the hungry and those suffering in the streets. Also, BET presented the award to Josiah Williams for his work and foundation.

Female Best Hip Hop Artist award was presented by the cast of “The Best  Man Holiday.” The winner was: Nicki Minaj. Good for you, Nicki!  “Every time I win, it’s a humbling experience,” she said. It was her fourth such award.

Then came a clip from the movie “The Best Man Holiday.” It will be out this coming November. It looks like it will be a good flick.

More commercials followed — blech. Like in all award shows, this one has tons of commercials in-between the good stuff.

Miguel performed “How Many Drinks?” after the commercials, and had the young women in the audience squealing. He ended the performance with a couple of splits. He is one of today’s best musical artists.

The Best Male Hip Hop Artist Award was then presented. The winner of it was — you guessed it — Kendrick Lamar.  He accepted the word, saying “L.A., what’s happening?” and “Glory to God!””You looking at me on TV today is living proof that you can do anything you want.”

Justin Timberlake then introduced the Cadillac Lifetime Achievement Award to the soul artist, “Uncle” Charlie Wilson. He’s been in the industry forty years, and is really deserving of this award.

He was the lead singer of The Gap, before he then went to being a solo singer. Snoop Dogg, Pharrel, and Steve Harvey were some of those who said good things about him.

India Arie kicks off the tribute with “There Goes My Baby.” Then, Jamie Foxx sings “Yearning for Your Love.” Stevie Wonder sings “Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me).”

When he came on stage, Charlie danced a little bit with Justin as he headed the mike. He was dressed in a snazzy re-and-black suit jacket, white shirt, black bow tie, and sunglasses.

Justin asked him to perform one of his songs, which he did: “You Are.” Then, Snoop Dogg joined him onstage, and rapped along with the song “Beautiful.”

This was followed by Justin Timberlake and Pharrel joining Charlie in a song, “Signs”along with Snoop –everyone in the audience got up on their feet for this awesome performance.

They all sang Charlie’s song “You Dropped a Bomb On Me,” next. Then, they sang another song, “Outstanding.” Snoop Dogg added some rapping to it, and Charlie danced some more as Snoop rapped.

Next, Gabrielle Douglas introduced J.Cole. He sang while sitting on a stool his songs: “Crooked Smile” and “Power Trip.”

Sherry Shepherd of The View then honored the passing of singers Chris Kelly, one half of Kriss-Kross, and Bobby Blue Bland and Jim Kelly, a martial artist who performed in Enter the Dragon and Three the Hard Way.

She then introduced gospel singer Tamela Man. She sang “Take Me to the King.” It was a very rousing performance — King has a powerful voice.

Curtis Field performed next, playing on his iPhone. He sounded pretty cool. Ciara got the award for Best Smile.  A preview clip for Baggage Claim was shown — it should be a funny movie. It will be out September 22.

Chris Tucker said “Give it up one more time for Charlie Wilson!” and said the same for President Obama and Clinton. He said that Clinton took him to Africa with him. Tucker credited Clinton for getting Obama back in office.

Tucker then introduced Ciara, who sang a song that I think was called “Get Your Sexy On.” Ciara and Nicki Minaj performed “I’m Out.” Then, Ciara sang “Body Party.”

The “Best Collaboration Award” was next. The winner was A$AP featuring Drake, 2CHAINZ,  and Kendrick Lamar for their song: “Problems.”

Next, was a video trailer for the movie Fruitvale Station, out this July 22. It should be a suspenseful and wild movie.

Chris Tucker then introduced the Chairman and CEO of BET, Deborah Lee. She honored Dwyane Wade for his creation of Wade’s World Foundation. One of its biggest initial campaigns was a push for literacy.

Dwyane Wade then spoke and accepted the award. “I am truly, truly humbled,” he said. “We believe that every child has a shot at life, dreams, and opportunity.”

Tons more commercials, the show is still going on, past 10:00 p.m C.

The FANdemonium Award was presented to four-time award winner and reigning champ, Chirs Brown. He gave a short thank-you speech and exited the stage.

Then, 2CHAINZ performed their song: “Feds Watching,” and A$AP Rocky performs “Problems.”

Bow Wow and someone else presented the Coca-Cola Viewer’s Choice Award. It went to: Drake for “Started From the Bottom.”

BET Best Movie Award went to Think Like a Man. I have never heard of it before, but I’m assuming it’s a good flick to have earned the award. Think Like a Man 2 will be out next June, 2014.

Chris Tucker then introduced the singer Janelle Monae who performed “Q.U.E.E.N.” with Erykah Badu. For some reason, a poodle was also on the stage.

The 2013 BET Awards was the best yet, featuring performers, actors, and singers who are the most outstanding in their respective genres.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

4 Responses to "BET Awards (Review)"

  1. Douglas Cobb   July 1, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    While I don’t know much about the current hip hop and R&B music scene, I was also trying to write as I watched, and get this posted hopefully before many other people got their reviews posted. I did enjoy the show, though, as I said, I felt it dragged on longer than was necessary. Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell joining Charlie Wilson on stage, and Ciara’s songs, were the highlights of the show IMHO.

  2. Vette   July 1, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    I can tell you must not be a true current hip hop or r n b fan. There were several people who you didn’t know who are mainstays. This was a very dry review. Like you had a gun pointed at your head. Very dry indeed. : /

  3. douglascobb   July 1, 2013 at 11:57 am

    I mentioned her in the second-to-thelast paragraph. I watched the entire show, all thre-and-a-half-hours + of it. For the most part, it was good – but, overly long, like most award shows.

  4. tamarind   July 1, 2013 at 11:06 am

    What about Erykah Badu. This leads me to believe this is not a true recap of the show!!


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