Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup Thanks to Late Rally

Thanks to an incredible 17 second rally late in game 6, the Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions.
Thanks to an incredible 17 second rally late in game 6, the Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions.

Leading 2-1 with under two minutes to go in game 6, Boston had to be feeling pretty good about their chances to force a game 7. However the Blackhawks would go on to win the Stanley Cup in game 6 thanks to a huge two goal rally. The Blackhawks didn’t even require overtime to overcome the 2-1 deficit and capture the cup with a 3-2 victory.

A team that was the cream of the crop throughout the NHL season, the late rally in game 6 showed that the Blackhawks deserved their second Stanley Cup title since 2010. This was a team that at times looked as unbeatable as the NBA’s Miami Heat this year. Both teams actually had the same record in the post season (16-7) en route to their respective titles. Chicago also went on the second longest scoring streak in league history this year, scoring points in an unbelievable thirty straight games.

Following the lead of their captain this year, this team was able to sustain a high level of play that was simply a cut above the rest of the NHL. Captain Jonathon Toews, a defenseman for the the Blackhawks, was solid day in and day out this year, rising to the occasion and saving the day more than once this year.

Game 6 was one of those situations. Starting his team’s scoring with a goal of his own to tie the game at 1 early on. Towards the end of the game, with the Blackhawks hopes of winning the Stanley Cup in game 6 dwindling, he delivered a key pass that set up a second tying goal.

Bryan Bickell scored the tying goal late in the third period to tie the game and ignite the Blackhawks bench. Just moments before the play the Bruins had to be feeling pretty good about themselves and their chances in the series. Chicago was once again able to rise to the occasion and shut down their opponents. The goal that tied the game and started the late Stanley Cup winning rally for the Blackhawks can be seen below.

They say that the time immediately after surrendering a let down goal is when you are perhaps most vulnerable to giving up another goal. The Bruins proved that point at the worst possible time for their team. Just 17 seconds after giving up a deflating game tying goal, they allowed the Blackhawks to strike again.

Chicago didn’t appear to have a regulation win in mind, sending out its fourth line. Typically the fourth line is only out there to prevent the puck from crossing its own net, the Blackhawks were able to muster a shot from defenseman Johnny Oduya. Not the prettiest of shots, the puck deflected off of a stick during its path, resulting in its clanking off the post. Fate seemingly entered the picture here, as the puck ricocheted right back to the Blackhawks’ Dave Bolland, who tapped it into the net to take the lead and complete the late rally to win the Stanley Cup.

You can see the winning goal here.

Chicago Blackhawks management doesn’t plan to deconstruct its new Stanley Cup champion team like it did to the 2010 champions. This team certainly has the ability to dominate for years to come, and will be a contender once again next year. Repeating a title is never easy, however if the Blackhawks continue to be able to dig deep and rally to win late, like they did against the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup, they could break all kinds of records next season.

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