Breathing Through Transplanted Beliefs

My heart-felt response to cystic fibrosis article feedback...

Do you know how powerful you are? Do you?  This article goes out to every person, every man, woman and child of every race every color every creed. This article addresses all people suffering – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually of any affliction, any burden, any ailment.  I am writing this as an inspiration piece based on the enormously stirred up feedback I have received on a recent article regarding cystic fibrosis, in which I have suggested that lung transplants may not be the best option.  Many who have responded have either received transplants or have watched others die from not receiving one.  Others are themselves struggling with the discomfort and pain caused by such a brutal condition.  To you and every cancer patient, every person suffering with mental illness, arthritis, MS, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, stress, addictions, pain, to every person feeling less than whole and perfect – I address you now – please breathe with me now, through what may be old, transplanted beliefs.

My intention, as a writer and as a human being living on this planet, is to cause a great questioning within every person, to look at what you have been told, who you have been taught to give your power to and who you believe you are and to empower every individual to know more fully, deeply and purely that they, that YOU are powerful beyond measure, that you have healing capacity as yet untapped, that your mind is the ultimate healing and regenerative machine, that you have been led to believe less than what is true about you – and that time is over.

As I ponder the responses to my suggestion of another way, other than the medical model, I am met with what feels like deep offense, as if those who are reacting feel as though I have stabbed them personally for saying such things.  To me this only tells me that I am doing my job, that the buttons are being pushed and the old way, which has so long been the ‘norm’ is being challenged in this very moment. Let us begin breathing now through beliefs that have been perhaps transplanted into our human understanding. All that was ever accepted as a new model of reality was always first ridiculed before it was embraced.  It is not my wish to even be embraced at this point, for I openly opt to stand at the doorway of a new world, one that seems ‘strange’, ‘crazy’ and even unacceptable to many of you – yet holds the possibility of a new tomorrow, one that is not wrought with illness and dis-ease, but rather one where every sovereign citizen knows who he or she truly is and can act in the world with empowerment on behalf of themselves and the world.

We have gone far too long letting the medical community, the government, the IRS, the department of security, our teachers, our neighbors, our religious leaders tell us what to do and how to live, what we are capable of and how long we will live.  We are divine beings here on a divine mission.  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, you must feel somewhere in your being that this level at which we are all expressing is not our fullest potential playing out.  You must feel somewhere deep inside that you are capable of more, that you are worthy of more, that you can do more. Don’t you?

We have been busy labeling ourselves with every kind of qualifier we can think of, and labeling each other as well, that we have covered up the truth behind false lies and misleading interpretations of yesterdays truths.  It is time we shed the cloaks of what has gone before and claim a new today, a new tomorrow, fresh with possibilities, health and community.  There is nothing we cannot do when we come together, rather than tear apart, when we lift each other up, rather than tear each other down.  There is nothing another can say that can harm us unless we give them permission to do so.  There is NOTHING another person can say that can harm us, UNLESS WE give them permission to do so.  Do not give me permission to harm you by choosing to be harmed by my words or anyone else’s words.

One thing I have learned in my life is that anything that another person says or does that offends me is clearly highlighting something I need to look at within myself, or else I would not find it offensive.  So, when I feel offended, I take a step back, I thank those people, that person who has triggered me so that I may heal, so that I may find the place in me still as yet not claimed as whole – and claim it.  I hope that my words can do that for you.  I hope that if even one word I say offends you that you can use it as a magnifying glass into your own soul, into your own subconscious mind to discover what gifts lurk there to be uncovered, because those things that trigger us most will surely become our greatest assets when healed.

Everyone has a different path, thank god for that.  Everyone has a different perspective.  This is what makes us, as a unit – whole.  I appreciate and honor each persons path and opinion, and allow it to help me see more – the greatness that we all are together.  May we each honor each other this way.  Because if we do not, if we continue to rival and revolt, argue and criticize one another, we will remain blocked to our greatness still.  The day we let each person speak – and hear them, as the sound of wholeness resonating throughout the earth, echoing within our own being as ‘one way’ to perceive, not the only way -but one, then we will taste of peace.  Then we will taste of heaven.  Then we will know what lies beyond duality and judgment because we have stopped seeing through those eyes.

I am grateful for a voice, for the ability to use words to articulate the ideas and queries that come through me.  I recognize that they are not always the same ideas and same perspectives that everyone will share.  I am grateful to be unique and to share my identity with no one – knowing that on a greater level, we are all connected beyond these human musings.

In the future, I resolve to do research that allows me to tell the stories of my heart, not just the stories of the day – as told by so many others.  I promise not to be like any other journalist in the way I report and to share alternative views and methods as much as possible in order to expand consciousness, stretch the boundaries of our imagination and break old paradigms of limiting beliefs.  I hope that you will read my work, not because you hope that I will repeat what you already know, but because you know that I will present an angle you have likely not thought of and maybe have over-looked, perhaps one you disagree with and perhaps one that is wrong for you personally.  I hope you will read my stories because they speak to the part of you that has not had a voice, even the parts as yet denied by culture, medicine and religion.  And mostly, I hope you will read because you found your way to my article on a day that needed stirring, needed change and needed something out of the ordinary to occur.

I speak from my heart the truth as I see it, it will not always be the truth as you see it.  I do not intend to deceive you or offend you – though if you feel offended or deceived, I trust there is a deeper purpose being enacted through which we will both benefit. Whether you have had a transplant or not, whether you believe what I say or not, does not matter as much as all of us breathing together in harmony – honoring our differing opinions and right to live. May we all go forth this day with open minds and hearts to allow truth that is right for us to find us.  I thank you for your time and your presence to the end of this letter.  I see you as my family – known and unknown – and I care for you, knowing my work would be a simple journal entry without your eyes.  May all be blessed with health and wisdom.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

61 Responses to "Breathing Through Transplanted Beliefs"

  1. Skeptek   July 2, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Stasia Bliss,
    You write too much, and say nothing of value.
    You claim to want debate, yet you corrupt it with fallacies and evasion.
    You claim to know the truth, but you spout lies and ignore well established science.
    You claim to care about your readers, while accusing them of personal bias for complaining about factual matters.

    Your beliefs are patently false, and devoid of science. You’re a liar and a coward with nothing to offer science or journalism. In fact, you’re a destructive and dangerous waste of resources. Put simply, and in the most heart-felt way I can, you’re evil.

    You should know why everyone is angry with you. That’s what anger is for.

  2. Addy.   June 18, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    if this is your brain on oregano oil…. stay away.

  3. Dani   June 18, 2013 at 11:15 am

    Can you do us all a favor and get a new job? NOT as a writer?

  4. Iwona   June 18, 2013 at 9:24 am

    No reason will get through the super-inflated ego of the woman who wrote this. Both pieces are totally devoid of any intelligence and reasonable thinking and what is still worse, they are full of downright lies as concerns CF. Her writing is new age like babble at its worst and stinks of sect brain-washing. I doubt whether as ignorant a person as Ms Stasia Bliss can understand that what she wrote is stupid, wrong, offensive and unacceptable but I do wonder why the article has not been taken down by her bosses. I hoped there would be some reasonable people behind this publication, but no, they seem to be thriving on the fact that the blissful ignorance of Ms Stasia Bliss gets so much attention.

  5. LS   June 18, 2013 at 12:11 am

    let me get you a hammer and some nails while you try to nail yourself to the cross, we don’t need you or the likes of you to “push buttons” we have more educated and scientifically apt people already looking for better ways and therapies go stare at your sun… I don’t need you to empower me or to help me empower my child.

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