Cabbage Patch Dolls Live

Cabbage Patch Dolls Live
That’s right, I said cabbage patch dolls.  Do you remember cabbage patch dolls?  I do.  They were all the rage back when I was a kid and I had several.  Though I do remember quite a few of them were bald, the ones sporting hairdos were way beyond what any baby would wear and maybe that’s what made them so special.  Those crazy cabbage patch hair pieces can now be purchased as wigs for your little one and even for yourself!  How did these dolls revive themselves as live walking toys so many years since the original cabbage patch doll lost its flavor?

Expecting Georgia mama, Amanda Lillie, got her crochet on this year after seeing a poor interpretation of a cabbage patch wig elsewhere.  She happened to still have some of the original dolls packed away in her cupboard (I guess one good reason for not throwing things away- and these originals are probably worth some serious cash on ebay) so she got them out and started replicating the hair design.  Much to her delight, the wigs were well received on and now she’s got dozens of orders for these crazy moppy wigs.

People are buying them up for their bald babies, but that’s not all. Grown-ups are now sporting them as bold fashion statements.  The sweetest idea someone ever had is gifting the wigs as hair pieces for who have endured chemotherapy treatments, as theses wigs are custom made to fit any head.  Just cute as a button and reasonably priced(only $30-40 each), you too can own your very own cabbage patch doll wig, heck – get some for the whole family!

If you are interested in wigging yourself and possess the skills to crochet, Amanda now sells the pattern so you can make your own!  That’s right, as an amateur crocheter Amanda says you can whip up your own wig in just a day or two.  Amanda spends about two hours crocheting each and every hat and hopes to sell a load before her baby arrives this coming September.  What a great project for a nesting mama.

Xavier Roberts, founder of the original Cabbage Patch doll, lives not too far from Amanda Lillie and has caught wind of the new trend.  Margaret McLean of corporate communications for Cabbage patch says of the hats:  “We’re very excited that people are thinking about their Cabbage Patch Kids again and sharing them with their kids.”  Xavier was just a college student when he came up with the crazy dolls back in the late 70’s.  They became all the rage in the early 80’s and sold over 3 million dolls during the Christmas season of 1983.

If you find these hats just as cute as the dozens of others waiting for theirs and want to support Amanda by getting one of these crazy wigs for yourself or a loved one, visit her on  Lillie donates ten percent of her proceeds to Open Hand Inc., a nonprofit organization providing micro-loans to women in Haiti.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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