Eating GMO’s Make You Less Human?

Does eating GMO's make you less Human?
A recent Chinese study by Cell Research points to how GMO’s may alter normal organ functions.  As explained so thoughtfully  by fellow journalist, Mike Adams –the Health Ranger -in a video clip below, genetically modified foods contain programmed DNA.  This DNA is programmed to make food behave in certain ways, often times producing insecticides in order to kill potential crop eaters.  DNA is information and since we really are what we eat – wouldn’t we become the information we are being fed as well?  If GMO’s are filled with artificially programmed DNA, does eating GMO foods make you more artificial and less human?

Monsanto is the world’s largest biotechnology company in the world and what some have called ‘the most evil enterprise in existence.’  Monsanto is responsible for most of the genetically modified foods in use today, though they seem disinterested in any affects these altered foods might have on humans.  Their website clearly states:

“There is no need for, or value in testing the safety of GM foods in humans.”


There is no need to test the safety of DNA introduced into GM crops.”

Hmmm. Seems like a bold statement coming from a company intent on changing the natural order of things.  If you are going to alter the genetic structure of the foods we eat, cause the reduction of ‘regular’ naturally grown crops and potentially eliminate foods which are not genetically modified by taking over the marketplace and spreading GMO seeds both intentionally and unintentionally through cross fertilization, don’t you think you ought to test the foods you are producing?

Cell Research clearly states in their report the “surprising finding that exogenous plant microRNA’s are present in the sera and tissues of various animals and these exogenous plant miRNA’s are primarily acquired orally, through food intake.” Now some part time journalist ph.d. students have tried to argue that every food has microRNA and there is nothing to worry about when ingesting RNA from genetically modified foods.  But does the microRNA in the foods naturally grown in nature have insecticides, pesticides and other strange mutations programmed into them?  No.

Since DNA is information, as we all know, containing blueprints for the formation of how things will grow, replicate and behave, don’t you think it is a strange and unnatural idea to ingest foreign DNA coded to produce insecticides which cause neurological damage?  Sure, the coding is for the insect who eats the genetically modified corn, but then what happens to it?  It is still present when you and I ingest it and it still carries that same DNA coding.  What if that insecticide, as Mike Adams so thoughtfully points out, gets into your body and YOU start to produce this insecticide?  What if the flora in your intestines start eating it and replicating -containing this same DNA program?  This is a very real possibility folks.  Eating genetically modified organisms could cause us to produce less ‘natural’ DNA and more artificial DNA resulting in becoming less human.

Strange concept I know.

Really, this is serious business to consider.  No one has tested this potentiality, though the facts seem to all be there.  Who wants to eat a bunch of GMO’s and see what happens to them?  The Cell Research study explains how “microRNA’s modulate various critical biological processes including differentiation, apoptosis, proliferation, the immune responses and maitenance of cell and tissue identity.” This points to possible cell mutations and cancer formation by ingesting these crazily coded foods.  The study states how microRNA’s could bind to human LDL receptors on the liver, changing the way the organ expresses.  This is true for all the organs and cells and they have the potential to “selectively interact with specific target cells and mediate intercellular communication.”  In other words, change how cells talk to each other.  Problem.

More research needs to be done and much of this is speculation, though with good cause and plenty of ammunition.  The truth is – DNA is information and information is being introduced into our bodily systems with initial intent to alter the genetic expression of other living things (insects)…and we too, are living things with DNA.  It could be, as Mike Adams suggests, the more GMO’s we eat, the less human we become and perhaps that is what Monsanto would like to happen.  As we ingest artificially created foods and alter the genetic expression of our own bodies, maybe we become more likely to cooperate with the corporate mind that is creating such products? Who knows.  All I know is GMO’s are looking less and less appetizing to me.  If they are to you too, check out the list of Monsanto supported companies below – and choose your groceries wisely.

Here’s that video I mentioned by Mike Adams The Health Ranger of Natural News.

Does eating more GMO's make you less human?


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Do Not Buy Monsanto Companies List; The Atlantic; Cell Research Study; Monsanto Website

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