Immigrants Health Care and Beyond

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While Obama’s new health care overhaul doesn’t allow for illegal immigrants to receive publicly subsidized health insurance the question must be raised what the future of living in this country and ultimately this world must look like? The more we open to technological advances which connect people and businesses globally the less and less applicable these country borders and boundaries seem to become.  It seems we must expand beyond the idea of health care for ‘citizens’ verses ‘immigrants.’

I know what you’re thinking, countries and governments, especially in the U.S. and other ‘developed’ nations  provide the needful organizing bodies which help keep our lives running smoothly and effectively, don’t they? Having borders and laws that demand ‘citizens’ take responsibility and share in costs through taxes is essential to the continued thriving state of a strong nation. Right? However, many who we would consider ‘illegal immigrants’ -such as the 2.6 million living and working in California – do more for our economy and societal structure than a large percentage of ‘citizens.’

The ‘illegal immigrants’ who show up and work in this country are more often than not, hard working, dedicated people who fill much of our manual labor positions and do the ‘dirty work’ in this country. Without them, contractors, farms and other employers of these workers would end up paying more to employ those who we consider ‘legal’, leading to an increase in the cost of products and services.  In many ways, these ‘illegal immigrants’ do us a big favor coming here and working our bottom tear jobs. This is not the point, however, that I wish to make, nor do I want to underplay the importance and validity of the lives of those who come here seeking financial freedom.

We are expanding much beyond our boundaries since the implementation of the internet. We no longer are just aware of what is happening locally and in nearby regions, but are starting to become globally minded more than ever before in history. We are aware of world situations big and small in a matter of moments. We find that, as individuals, we can live anywhere in the world and stay connected to what is going on at ‘home’ while at the same time living and becoming immersed in an entirely different culture. Lines are becoming blurry when it comes to traveling ‘abroad’ in more ways than one.

It’s true that different ‘countries’ still have their unique flavors, cultures and languages, however, with the expansion of the world wide web we can’t help but become aware of the interconnectedness that is developing and the ease at which people are having moving one place to another. The business of governments world wide used to be less transparent, the movements of people would take weeks or months to spread, if at all. Now we are aware around the world when a people are in conflict with their government and when a government is mistreating their people. There is no more room for hiding, and therefore the question must be posed – will the old ways of separation continue to work in order to organize and evolve this ever-connecting world?

When we look at a health care reform which cuts out vital contributors in a land that so desperately needs their influence, just because they do not possess the ‘correct’ paperwork and status, we have to begin to question that system. We must face the future of becoming a world not of many separate nations, but of one people living in different locations. All humans around the world ought to be provided with shelter, food and health care. These are basic needs of every living beings and not privileges of being born within certain borders.  We are, after all, all immigrants to this Earth at some level and we are all required to discover how to care for one another in ways of health and beyond.

It is true that at this very moment in time we are not equipped or set up for what I am suggesting, but we must start to look in this direction. Dissolving national borders would mean organizing responsible and ethical local chapters who looked after the needs and issues of that region. Local organizations would have to be intimately connected with and in respect of each other as we worked together to create a tangible world wide web of communities serving one another and the common good. Those who ‘used to be countries’ would have to look at what was working and what was not – in their area – in order to assist in the development of a new hub that played in harmony with the global network.

This may all sound like a big pipe dream, but someone must dream it if we are to expand the current version of reality which so clearly does not serve the all – into one that could. We are advancing in technologies so quickly that it is not difficult to see a future of abundant crops, free energy, teleportation, hovercrafts and space travel. It is not beyond the imaginings of the quantum world to know that we will not be confined to this version of reality much longer as we expand knowledge of what is humanly and mentally possible. It is only a matter of time before transparency is a world wide condition and we will have to shift much in order to live together in peaceful harmony.

When it comes to so called ‘illegal immigrants’ it seems like such an archaic notion to me that anyone living on this planet could be considered illegal. It seems immature to suggest that any human is not eligible to be treated as anyone else. As for health care and ‘immigrants’ in this country, I think it is high time that we seriously take into account the effect our diet has on health and start preventing disease before they get out of hand. We have all the resources available in order to make this land and this world a better place. If those in so-called ‘power’ could wrap their heads around the wholeness of any human life and embrace the beautiful emanation of greatness that we all are individually and especially when we pull together, we can pull our heads out of this backward way and begin to truly live as we are destined to live – in one world with peace.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: NY times; Google news; Denver Post; Trading Economics

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  1. Typical liberal double talk, you are suggesting a one world socialist government, your type of thought is dangerous, all of your mumbo jumbo is meaningless. We are talking real money to provide your utopian views, views that we and the west would have to subsidize just because every living person contributes to society. What about Jeffery Dommer wonderful person. Talking about our Illegal immigrants they are lucky that they are even able to remain here. Take your head out of the clouds before you freeze your ears off.

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