Same-sex-marriage celebrates in California (Video)

Obama: "Marriage equality will be the law in this land"


This Wednesday the U.S. Supreme Court deemed DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional and opened the way for same-sex couples to get married in California. The Court found that petitioners of Proposition 8 had not legal right to protest against the gay marriage law in California and with that decision the Supreme Court is sending the case back to California, where state judges and top officials have said same-sex-marriage is a matter of equal rights.

The 5 to 4 ruling was written by Chief Justice John Roberts. And Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote the majority of the opinion and said, “By seeking to displace this protection and treating those persons as living in marriages less respected than others, the federal statute is in violation of the Fifth Amendment.”

David Boeis lawyer for Plaintiffs, said “The petitioners of Proposition 8 did not have standing, meaning in that case that the Supreme Court could not reach the merits. Marriage equality will be the law in this land” and he added with a smile on his face “go back to California and married the person you love.”

Meanwhile Rob Schenck, Evangelical Church Alliance, without much support around him, said “not matter the outcome, one thing is truth, the Supreme Court has not authority when it comes to nature of marriage, that authority belongs to the creator, who is the source of all our rights.” And of course we will wait until the “creator” let us know his/her opinion, for now we can celebrate this victory.

This decision is a big triumph for the gay and lesbian rights movement in U.S. and the world, because this resolution came after justices invalidated a part of DOMA that did not grant the same federal benefits for same-sex-marriage couples in states that already permit gay marriage.

Voters in California in November of 2008 amended that state´s constitution by banning Same-sex-marriage, thus overturning a state ruling in June that previously approved same-sex-marriage.

According with the U.S Census Bureau in 2010 there were 131, 729 same-sex-married couple household and 514, 735 same-sex unmarried partner household in the United States.

California is celebrating this decision of same-sex-marriage because it´s one the gayest states in U.S. The population in Los Angeles is 154, 270, San Francisco has 94,234; San Diego with 61, 954 and Palm Springs is a gay symbol and one of the gayest destinations for LGBT community around the world.

This means that by State California has about 1.5 million LGBT, and that makes it the state with the biggest gay population, after Florida and New York. California should not rest in its laurels; instead couples should celebrate same-sex-marriage and go tied the knot with the person they love.

Obama issued a statement about the decision, “I applaud the Supreme Court´s decision to strike down the Defense of the Marriage Act” and “This ruling is a victory for couples who have fought for equal treatment under the law; for children whose parents´ marriages will now be recognized, rightly as legitimate”.

The social network lovers were making positive comments about the decision and the trending topics were #equality for all; #Onelove; #Loveislove #californiafree

California is celebrating same-sex-marriage because it was hard to get to this victory. I celebrate also the decision of the Supreme Court, I lived in California for a while and it´s such a beautiful state with beautiful people and they deserve to have the right to married the person they love and live happily ever after.

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By: Oskar Guzman

Source: US Census Bureau, The New York Times

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