Channing Tatum Beaten By Women At The Box Office (video)


Channing Tatum Sheds Manly Tears

Before we get into the nittygritty about why Channing Tatum’s new movie flopped and how he was beaten by women at the box office. (More on that in a moment.) Lets take a moment, and look at Tatum’s fun side. Remember Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live? Jamie Foxx, and Channing made a hilarious movie called Channing all over your Tatum. Because you, me, and the rest of the female twitter verse can’t get enough of Tatum and the video here it is #channingalloveryourtatum

Channing Tatum’s new movie in which he paired up with Jamie Foxx didn’t do very well this weekend. (It’s still early to talk results but lets have a look anyway.)  The movie which cost $150 million to produce , and is from Sony, raked in a measly $9 million on Friday . Not really impressive.

Cameron [email protected]_Cameron tweeted: “White House Down flops except among women who want to date or just sleep with Channing Tatum. *giggles*”

The reason why the movie is doing so poorly is probably because it was too soon after after FilmDistrict’s White House-under-siege film Olympus Has Fallen, and their are many male driven movies in the cinema right now that people would like to see first. Like “Man of Steel” and “World War Z.” In addition the new cop movie starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy is doing very well. It seems like Channing Tatum might have been beaten by women at the box office today.

Mike Branson commented: Sony should have left WHD in November, where it belongs. It was foolish to believe this type of movie could compete in the summer. Non scifi and non sequel action movie have no chance in summer.

There might still be hope for White House Down if North America starts going in large numbers to the cinema or if Europe decides to fall head over heals in love with either Jamie or Mister Tatum. So far even strong word-of-mouth couldn’t really help the film out of its predicament.

For now it seems the ladies in the form of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are in the lead. A buddy-bud cop movie with only females in the lead. Now that’s something new and worthy of being seen.

Mollie Brown wanted us to know: “Heat is a modest budget film; Melissa will help it make back its cost plus profit. I like both of these women, they are amusing, and I expect to see it next week. Why do you think McCarthy’s salary was so high for this flick, it was just around $3 million. Perhaps she gets some points if the film does well, but all of that is future.

The others are block busters. World War Z has not done as well as expected, nor has White House Down. The people who go to see the Fast and Furious nonsense, are not usually the same audience as those for The Heat.”

Elrond L. wanted to add to this: “Not disagreeing with your main point, but World War Z actually did  better than expected. Paramount was hoping for a $50 million opening and it made $66 million. It’s already up at $102 mil, which I’m sure
they’re thrilled about after having to re-shoot the ending (a smart move).

Karin wanted to add some positivity by saying: “Go women! Summer movies for so long have been dominated by men.” At least for now Channing Tatum has been beaten by “The Heat” women at the box office. Lets see what happens on Sunday.

By Georgina Pijttersen



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