Ray Donovan Horrible Bad Ass With Morals

Is Ordered To Mob Up The Blood

Ray Donovan Horrible Bad Ass With Morals

Ray Donovan, horrible bad ass with morals, is ordered to mob up the blood, and tears that are going to be shed this Sunday after Dexter will have ended, for this season. Apparently Ray Donovan, played by Liev Schreiber, once upon a time famous because he played supposed bad guy in a “Scream” installment, but now well known for being Mister Watts, husband of Naomi Watts, is a Hollywood “Fixer.” Whatever that might mean. It does mean that there is: bodily harm, hotel rooms that are tapped, drag queen prostitutes and blackmailing of celebrity super stars. What’s not to like, right?

Well maybe the fact that John Voight is in the movie? The once estranged father of Angelina Jolie, then again estranged, and then not, and right now? Not sure if he is really granddaddy, or probably just some dude momma Jolie sometimes let her kids see. Most members of the public do not appreciate Mister Voight that much, and weren’t too thrilled to see him act alongside Liev. (Especially because Schreiber also rarely plays a likable persona. A tough TC series to like indeed.) Of course Voight plays Liev’s father in Ray Donovan, and not just a nobody father but a type. (Mafia will be involved.)

Liev had the following to say about the complex relationship between father/son: “That exploration of men in particular, fathers and sons, is something that was very compelling to me, the thing I like about Ray is, as horrible as he behaves, he seems to have a very moral epicenter.”Quite the contradictory bad ass, as long as it’s with morals.

In addition, “Ray Donovan” creator, Emmy-winning writer Ann Biderman, said: “I’m interested in crime, these figures have been around since the beginning, where there is a lot of money and the stakes are very high.” Therefore the persona’s try to do their best but, usually end up making matters worse. Liev added: “I think that (morality) drives Ray and he’s got a distorted but intact sense of what is just and what is right, he’s trying to understand how to coexist with that in a society that doesn’t necessarily value it, and still make a living and be a good father to his children.” He continued with: “I think Ann[writer] has a really deep understanding of masculinity and the facade of machismo, it’s almost like the models most men are working off of are antiquated in terms of how to behave and what to expect from relationships and how to interact socially with women.” He concluded with:”It may be Ann’s point that at some level all men are difficult,” the actor explained. “So many people ask how a woman could have such deep insight into male behavior – they’re sort of the experts, aren’t they?” In addition Ray in particular is a horrible bad ass, but with morals, so he likely seems very appealing to most women.

In the twitterverse there is also a lot of speculation and talk about this new serie, especially because “Dexter” will leave such a huge void. Can Ray Donovan fill these murderous shoes?  Chuck Jackson said: “I think this Ray Donovan show is going to be good. Main character is badass. Young blonde lady is cute. It’s in La. What’s not to like.” Kizz [email protected] added: “How come nobody told me that @katemoennig was in Ray Donovan. Of course I’m going to watch it! #fb cc: @mimiferraro”

Scott Mendelson, added not on Twitter, but as a comment: “It’s said to admit, but yes, the fact that it’s a male-skewing show will surely garner it more buzz and critical adulteration than Showtime’s female-skewing programs. It’s why WEEDS never got anywhere near the mainstream buzz or Emmy recognition as the somewhat similar (and at least in the initial years, equally good) BREAKING BAD.”

Do you agree with Scott? Or are you just super excited, and can not wait to see this new series, “Ray Donovan” about a horrible bad ass with morals?

By Georgina Pijttersen