The Walking Dead Marathon Shambling Ever Closer


The Walking Dead Marathon is shambling ever closer, which should be great news to fans of the AMC series, and to those of you who would like to become fans by getting the opportunity to watch the entire first three seasons of the post-apocalyptic zombie series back-to-back.

Beginning on Thursday, Jul. 4 at 1:00 p.m. ET/12:00 p.m. C,  AMC invites viewers to tune-in to “The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview Weekend” and catch up on the series that has been hailed by USA Today as “one of the season’s best series.” It reigns as the number one show in delivery for adults 18-49.

The host of The Walking Dead marathon will be  Comic Book Men executive producer Kevin Smith from the Atlanta-based set where the cast are currently filming Season 4 of the hit series.

On July 4 during The Walking Dead Season 1 episodes, Smith talks to the cast and crew and shares behind-the-scenes footage from the highly anticipated upcoming fourth season that is being currently filmed and which will premier this coming October with brand new episodes.

The first season of The Walking Dead airs twice on July 4. Besides the behind-the-scenes footage and information you can view by tuning in, this marathon will be special because it features both the original and special black-and-white editions of the episodes.

Then, the remaining days of the long holiday weekend, besides honoring our country’s independence, you can picnic on the episodes of The Walking Dead Seasons 2-3.   Season 2 will air on Friday, and Season 3 on both Saturday and Sunday. Each day of this four-day event begins at 1:00 p.m. ET/12:00 p.m. C. The black-and-white editions only apply to Season 1 on July 4.

The Origins of The Walking Dead television series

The Walking Dead television series is based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. The title of the series refers to the survivors, and not the zombies, though it can be (and usually is) taken to also refer to the zombies.

The Walking Dead tells the story of a group of survivors who travel in search of a safe and secure home in the months and years following a zombie apocalypse. Most of the story takes place in the metropolitan Atlanta area and then the surrounding countryside of northern Georgia, as the survivors search for a safe haven away from the shuffling hordes of predatory “walkers” or “biters” (as the zombies are referred to in the show), who devour any living thing they catch, and whose bite is infectious to humans.

The plot is focused primarily on the dilemmas the group faces as they struggle to maintain their humanity during the day-to-day challenges of surviving in a hostile world. This would include battling the zombie hordes, coping with casualties and dealing with other predatory human survivors who are dangerous in their own right.

The series stars Andrew Lincoln as Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes;  David Morrissey as The Governor;  Steven Yeun as ex-pizza delivery man, Glenn Rhea; Norman Reedus as Southern redneck Daryl Dixon, Merle’s younger brother;  Danai Gurira as Michonne, a resourceful, self-sufficient, katana-wielding survivor;  Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes, Rick and Lori’s son and Judith’s older brother; Lauren Cohan as tomboyish Maggie Greene, Hershel’s daughter and Beth’s elder sister;  Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene, a veterinarian and farmer, religious man and former alcoholic; Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier,  Sophia’s protective mother and Ed’s abused wife;  Chad Coleman, as Tyreese, who is living in the town of Woodbury and is surviving with his sister Sasha and Allen’s family;  Sonequa Martin-Green, as Sasha, Tyreese’s sister who serves as a guard of Woodbury’s walls alongside her brother; and Emily Kinney, as Beth Greene, who is Hershel’s younger daughter and Maggie’s younger sister.

In the premier episode of The Walking Dead Season 1, from October 31, 2010, Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way.

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Written by: Douglas Cobb

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