Cher Accused Of Helping Tom Cruise Find A New Beard/Wife

Still Supports Gay Community


Cher is in the limelight again. The dazzling cougar is taking advantage of the moment to shout from the rooftops that she still supports the gay community, and that she is really proud of everything that has happened these past few week, e.g. the Supreme Court removed key provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act. The ruling makes it possible for same-sex couples to be treated equally in the work place. The Court also remanded California’s Prop 8 to the Circuit Court, which had ruled same-sex marriage was legal in the state.

It is not clear yet how Cher feels about GLAAD, and Alec Baldwin. (  Alec Baldwin decided to go on a homophobic twitter rant against a British journalist. GLAAD, the organisation who defends gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual rights apparently thought that Alec only needed to apologize and that was the end of it. A lot of people are irritated by this and think GLAAD discriminated against other famous people who have offended GLAAD.)

During an interview this past week, Cher revealed a surprising tidbit of her sex life with the world. It wasn’t about her upcoming album, her being accused of too many surgery enhancements or possible new movie roles. Nope, it was about a former lover. A very famous former lover. She said: ”I had just the greatest lovers ever.” She said about former flame Tom Cruise: “He was in the top five.” Whether this is really true or just a ploy to get more attention, or helping Tom Cruise find a new beard/wife is not clear.

Apparently there was a bit of a hot, and heavy romance between the two in the early ’80s, before Mimi Rogers was in the picture. Cher added this about Cruise: ”Aw, well, he wasn’t a Scientologist then! It was pretty hot and heavy for a little while. He’s a great guy. The person that I knew was a great and lovable guy.” According to Cher it could never work between them because of their hectic lives and schedules. What could have been, right? No Suri? No TomKat?

However not all her fans were thrilled by her revelations. Some are suggestions strange plot twists for her reason to comment about the relationship with Mister Cruise because it was such a long time ago.

Tshape commented: ” yes, indeed. as if any one’s sex life should be made public?? I love Cher, I think she’s beautiful, but I really don’t care who, how, or what she’s had or hasn’t had in bed. this is so dumb. I wonder if this is PR for TC’s image…maybe he’s looking for another pretend wife?” He appeared to be accusing Cher of possibly helping Tom Cruise finding a new wife. (Or beard as some have suggested at different moments in time.) Another comment, made by Amanda Dean added: “I believe Tom is a good lover. Any grown man who would hop up and down on a sofa on the Oprah show obviously has LOTS of passion!!!”

What do you think, fairly accused or unfairly treated? Is this all a ploy for attention? Is it truly the intention that Cher wants to celebrate gay rights and what they have accomplished so far? Or is there more towards another story. Is she indeed helping Tom Cruise finding a new beard/wife?

By Georgina Pijttersen


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  1. Jan   July 1, 2013 at 9:50 am

    Why would anyone accuse Cher of trying to find /tom a wife? She has no agenda and they have probably not been in contact for many years. Besides, it was in response to a Question which looked unplanned.
    People say the strangest things!!


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