Cher Reveals Sex Life While Others Think Take It To The Grave Please

Tom Cruise Was In The Top 5

Cher Reveals Sex Life While Others Think Take It To The Grave Please

Cher reveals that she is still supporting the gay community, while others are upset with GLAAD. This morning she showed up to look at some performance by her fans, Cher herself didn’t participate. (Earlier this week she had given an interview where she revealed about her sex life. Including one very famous actor. However not all of her fans were thrilled to hear about her sex life. They think that she should take it to the grave, please.)She will perform this weekend during Gay Pride.

Not only will the festival be held this weekend as every other year,but there is another reason to celebrate: the Supreme Court got rid off the federal defense of marriage act. Making it possible for same-sex marriage to take place in California. However there was not only good news this week, Alec Baldwin decided to go on a homophobic twitter rant against a British journalist. GLAAD, the organisation who defends gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual rights apparently thought that Alec only needed to apologise and that was it.

A lot of people are irked by this and think GLAAD discriminated against other famous people who have offended GLAAD protected members and received a huge punishment. Unfortunately apart from commenting on this travesty there is nothing that can be done.

Back to Cher. Her fans where more than thrilled to see her today and it meant a lot to them that she is still supporting their cause. Cher herself didn’t sing but watched her fans act like her in her get ups and dancing just like she does. Cher said to the crowd: “I’ve had ups and downs in my career, and you guys have never left me, you guys have always been there.”

One of her admirers, Jackie Norris Bradwell, wanted to say the following:

“Let me start by saying, at 67 she looks absolutely amazing! I should be so lucky at 63. I’ve loved this woman for years as has my sister. Loved she and Sonny, then I adored her on her own! Please, she’s one fantastic woman. Please, tell me what’s not to love about Cher?”

Another fan just added simply: “always elegant, always classy.” These fans didn’t comment on her sex life details. Maybe they would agree with her while others think that she should take it to the grave.

Cher reveals that she had a surprising tidbit to share with the world the past week. It wasn’t about her upcoming album, surgery or possible new movie roles. Nope, it was about a former lover. A very famous former lover. She said: “I had just the greatest lovers ever.” She said about former flame Tom Cruise: “He was in the top five.”

Apparently there was a bit of a hot and heavy romance between the two in the early ’80s, before Mimi Rogers was in the picture. Cher added about Cruise: “Aw, well, he wasn’t a Scientologist then! It was pretty hot and heavy for a little minute. He’s a great guy. The person that I knew was a great and lovable guy.” According to Cher it could never work between them because of their hectic lives and schedules. What could have been, right? No Suri? No TomKat?

However not all her fans were thrilled by her revelations. A face book commenter who wishes to remain anonymous said:

” I am all for sisterhood, and the acknowledgment of the vibrant femininity of older gals, but Jeez, Louise! — Do we have to hear about all this “I remember sex, and it was good…”

proclamations? I don’t need to know that Martha Stewart sexts or that she was into threesomes. I don’t need to know who Cher slept with or how good he was. I just don’t. Actually, it’s not even JUST the ladies… I didn’t need to know how Michael Douglas got his throat cancer, but that’s for another day…. Geezers, S T O P. I love you. I respect you. But, fercripessake, take SOME of these things with you to the grave, will ya???”

What do you think? Cher reveals too much? Or did she just answer a journalist during an interview? Side note, who would have thought that Tom Cruise would be on her mind in 2013. While shocking it’s also sweet. Should Cher not have revealed so many details about her sex life? Do you agree with the others who think that she should take it to the grave? Or do you think it’s empowering and she should do whatever she thinks is right.

By Georgina Pijttersen