Cher Says Sex With Tom Cruise in Her Top Five

Cher Tom Cruise Sex the Top Five
There are a few things that make us uncomfortable when we learn them. Finding out you are adopted, learning that you have a mass murderer in your family tree, and learning that a woman who is old enough to be your mother or grandmother talking about sex with a Hollywood Hottie. Cher talks sex, Tom Cruise, and her top five lovers with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Life.

In a segment that’s been called “Truth or Cher?”, the 67 year-old performer and Oscar winning actress “let it all hangout” in the area of her love life.

Host Cohen asked her for a list of her best overs over the years. Cher obviously wasn’t too bothered about a kiss-and-tell answer as much as she was who might be included in her “who’s who” list of lovers.

She answered, “Well, a lot of them kind of came in first. I had just the greatest lovers ever.”

Cohen then got right to the point. He asked, “Where did Tom Cruise rank on that list?” Her answer “Well, he was in the top five!”

As part of the Bravo’s TV show that was called, “Cher’s Gypsies, Tramps and Tea,” the icon was asked to get a bit more specific about her dalliance with Cruise, whom she’d dated briefly in the 1980s. Cruise’s picture came up on the screen and Cher said, “Aw.” “Well, he wasn’t a Scientologist then!”

When host Cohen asked if the duo had “a hot and heavy relationship,” Cher replied, “Well, it was pretty hot and heavy for a little minute.”

Cher responded to Cohen’s call for more information by saying about Cruise, “He was in the Top 5.” But she went on to say that while her list of lovers was “not a long list. It’s just a good list.”

The 67 year-old star also revealed that she’d “slept on the other side of the sheets” as well. She told Cohen that she had a lesbian fling. After Cohen asked her if she had ever been with a woman she said, “Oh God, who hasn’t. Yeah. I stole a horse when I was 13, you know, so why wouldn’t I?”

While we’re not quite sure how stealing a horse ties into a lesbian relationship, we believe her.

Cher first became prominent in 1965 as one-half of the folk rock husband–wife duo Sonny & Cher, who popularized a particular smooth sound that successfully competed with the dominant British Invasion and Motown sounds of the era. From 1965 on she established herself as a successful solo artist with million-selling singles such as “Bang Bang – My Baby Shot Me Down”, “Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves”, “Half-Breed”, and “Dark Lady”, songs that dealt with subjects rarely addressed in American popular music.

Cher, made a first TV appearance in over 10 years when she performed her new dance track “Woman’s World” on the season finale of The Voice, also re-enacted a famous scene from her film, Moonstruck. She finished the subject of her “love life” with the news that she wasn’t dating anyone at the moment.

She said, “The moment anyone knows you have a boyfriend, you don’t have a boyfriend because it’s just too hard. people don’t want to be hounded to death.”

And while we don’t really like the idea of such an icon not have as much fun as they want, it is perhaps time to slow down. After all, I wouldn’t like to hear about my 67 year-old mother and her stories of Cher, Tom Cruise, and her top five lovers…Would you?

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom