South Africans Believe Nelson Mandela is Dead

Despite Government Assurances That He is Alive

Nelson Mandela Africa Believes He is Dead

While the rest of the world suffer with conflicting stories about the great Nelson Mandela’s health, a lot of Africa appears to believe he is dead already. The internet has been alive with rumours and suppositions and a lot of hostility aimed at those who have declared the humanitarian dead.

We have already printed what we believe to be the truth.

Regardless of whether sources that have declared the 94 year-old Mandela dead or alive are correct, there are a lot of people posting on their facebook walls what they believe to be the truth. And the people who believe the great man is dead don’t just come from Africa, they come from other places as well.

Places like Europe:

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But a lot of people who have posted their condolences and thoughts about the Noble Peace Prize winner’s passing have come from South Africa:

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But there are also a lot of people who still do not believe the great man is dead:

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There has even been a case where a news site, whom we will not name, in the UK posted that Nelson Mandela had died. They had to take the post down shortly afterward because of the backlash.

Regardless of what orĀ who you believe, the issue of Nelson Mandela and his health is a very touchy one. While it seems like a lot of Africa already believe the great man is dead, a huge portion of the world’s population doesn’t. We would like to point out that we have not included posts from people who were being crass or making fun of a very un-funny situation.

The amount of outrage expressed by those who want to believe with all their hearts that one of the greatest men who lived in our lifetime is not dead and is, in fact, recovering is touching, Just as we cannot rage against “the machine” we cannot rage against life and death, it comes to us all. Every family must deal with their loss, or impending loss on their own terms.

The Mandela family are under an enormous amount of stress, probably more than the stress of a beloved family member dying, but in having to perform a very careful dance with the authorities in South Africa, as well as the press who just want to be able to print the truth.

Looking at the tweets and Facebook wall posts, it seems to us that South Africa believes that Nelson Mandela is already dead and no amount of lashing out at those who believe this will alter the fact.

By Michael Smith

United Kingdom

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