Chocolate in the Nude

Why Raw Chocolate is 'The Food of the Gods'

chocolate in the nude
The naked facts about chocolate have long been concealed and are only starting to come to light.  Chocolate has been long praised and enjoyed since the time of the early Incas and Mayans where it was honored as a gift from the gods and used as currency.  It’s name is actually Theobroma de Cacao, translating literally as ‘food of the gods.’   Today, dark chocolate has been receiving much deserved praise for its antioxidant benefits and mood enhancement, but what about chocolate in the nude? Chocolate without the processing and refining process is known as ‘raw’ chocolate and is more than just a happiness producing free-radical hunter. Oh yes, there is so much more raw chocolate can do!

Did you know most chocolate is heated to well over 300 degrees in it’s processing?  Did you also know that most foods lose their vitamin and mineral contents when heated above 120 degrees or so?  How about wax?  Were you aware that most major commercial chocolate companies use wax, that’s right, wax – as a filler to their chocolate?  How can they get away with that you say? Well, wax is not a food ingredient, so they have somehow been able to leave it off the ingredients label. Crazy! Raw chocolate is called ‘raw’ because it is never heated about 118 degrees, so it maintains it’s natural nutritional profile – which is lengthy.

Most chocolate is usually mixed with sugar, dairy or cream and soy lecithin at least, things most people with food allergies ought to stay away from. Raw chocolate, on the other hand, if made correctly, is sweetened with raw, low gycemic-index sweeteners, or no sweeteners at all. Dairy would never be added to raw chocolate and soy lecithin is almost always avoided. Raw chocolate is considered a superfood, as it contains enough vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes to live on.  That’s right, you could LIVE on raw chocolate alone!

Incredible source of Magnesium

Magnesium deficiencies are one of the most common deficiencies in this country, though no one has likely told you that.  It is so common, in fact, that nearly every one of our most ‘deadly’ dis-eases and threatening illnesses could be derived from a simple lack of magnesium.  Magnesium deficiency symptoms can range from high blood pressure, muscle cramps, nausea, anxiety, fatigue, and diabetes II to dizziness, heart issues, tremors, confusion and poor memory. Raw chocolate is the richest source of natural magnesium on the planet, which is why so many women crave it during their menstrual cycle – as it relieves many of these symptoms, which can often rear their head during that time of the month.

According to sources, 80% of our farming topsoil is depleted of magnesium, leaving many of the once-magnesium rich foods, now lacking.  A lack of calcium can also cause magnesium deficiencies as it takes the proper ratio of both in order to absorb either. Chocolate does contain oxalic acid, which has been known to inhibit calcium absorption, especially when taken with sugar, so it is important when consuming raw chocolate to make sure it is free from sugar and that you increase your other sources of calcium rich foods, like greens leafy vegetables, almonds, tahini and soy.  Black strap molasses is another great natural calcium source.

Insist on Bliss

Raw chocolate contains the ‘bliss hormone’ anandamide, from the Sanskrit ananda meaning ‘bliss’.  This is the same chemical we release during ecstatic states giving us that deep, peaceful, fulfilling sense of joy. Chocolate is also full of phenylethylalmine, the hormone we make when we are in love, as well as PEA(which increases dopamine production) and tryptophan – the same relaxing amino acid found in turkey that makes you want to sleep after Thanksgiving dinner.  I can’t think of a more blissful compilation of chemicals.  Thank you chocolate!

Chocolate in the nude may well be emperor of all antioxidants, containing the highest concentration of perhaps any other single food; 15 times higher than either red wine or green tea and definitely more than regular processed cocoa powder. Antioxidants protect us from harmful chemicals in the air and in our foods as well as slow down the aging process.


For some reason, raw chocolate is a great super conductor for other elements to be received by your body. In other words, foods added to raw chocolate, such as other superfoods: maca, coconut oil, blue-green algae, mesquite and goji berries, are absorbed more readily when combined with the food of the gods. Blue-green algae has a special relationship with cacao, as it helps sustain the bliss hormone in the body longer than without it’s presence. Some companies are starting to add food-grade essential oils and ORMUS to chocolate, which has even deeper implications -touching on healing of the emotional and mental bodies as well as the physical. Chocolate is an amazing catalyst for change, containing nutrition for the body, emotional support and behaving something akin to a portal – where consumption of it somehow is able to carry us into other realms of possibility never before imagined with food. If you don’t believe me, give it a try.

More than any other food today, raw chocolate is receiving rave reviews for it’s raw robust flavor, amazing healing properties, vast nutritional profile and consciousness-evolving potential. It is no wonder the Maya referred to it as ‘the food of the gods.’ It’s time to embrace the god and goddess in you and leave the guilt behind. With raw chocolate there is nothing to do but enjoy and advance.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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