Chris Brown Investigated For Hit & Run And May Face Battery Charges

Chris Brown Investigated For Hit & Run And May Face Battery Charges

With his album ‘X’ just under a month away from release it seems Chris Brown may have some major legal problems brewing. Earlier this year, Chris Brown begin work on his ‘X’ album and after a studio session in West Hollywood he was involved in a brawl with fellow singer Frank Ocean. Words were exchanged and a lot of he say, he say was added to the mix making what really happened a bit hard to decipher. Chris Brown who allegedly fled the scene before police arrived but according to sources was told to leave to avoid further trouble with the law.

Frank Ocean remained at the scene and did give his story to the police but never pressed charges. It has been reported that Chris Brown and/or someone in his entourage used anti-gay slurs as well as started the brawl. Others there have said Frank Ocean started the brawl by allegedly provoking Chris by hassling the singer over a parking space. An argument ensued and a brawl broke out but before police arrived, Chris Brown had already left scene but did later talk with police about what happened.

Frank Ocean in a post on tumblr wrote, “I’ll choose sanity. No criminal charges. No civil lawsuit. Forgiveness, albeit difficult, is wisdom. peace, albeit trite, is what I want in my short life. Peace.”

Now, it seems Chris Brown who was recently investigated for a hit and run that occurred last month, may now also face a battery charge. Chris who is still on probation for his assault on then girlfriend Rihanna recently had another court appearance (June 10) in Los Angeles and it is unclear as to if the judge brought up the possible battery charge. Chris Brown did show up to his court hearing and another court date has been set for the coming month but it seems the brawl he had with Frank Ocean just may come back to hurt Breezy. Chris Brown could serve four years in prison if probable cause is found that Chris did in fact flee the scene.

Aside from his legal troubles Breezy is currently preparing the release of his upcoming and highly anticipated album ‘X.’ Breezy recently released his latest single and video ‘Don’t Think They Know’ featuring the late Aaliyah. Chris also hit the stage last night (June 22) at Powerhouse in Los Angeles, bringing out friends and fellow performers Tank and Nicki Minaj.

Look for Chris Brown’s latest album ‘X’ available worldwide July 16 and his latest single ‘Don’t Think They Know’ now on iTunes.

-Kelly J Newson

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