Chris Christie and the Democrats Unite for the Good of New Jersey


It pleases me when I see politicians doing their jobs and working with members of the opposite party.  That’s what made America great, when our elected officials took the politics out of government, and worked to better the lives of their constituents.  Chris Christie and the Democrats of New Jersey are doing just that.

In 2013, Governor Christie may be the only Republican I admire.  His purpose, as the leader of a state that has suffered disaster late last year, has the same fiscal problems as all states, and faces an enormity of difficult situations in the future, is to attack challenges and better the lives of all who live in his state.

He is up for re-election in November, and has a 30 point lead.  He has enormous Democratic support.  Tuesday, Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo, one of the state’s most influential Democratic leaders, endorsed Governor Christie.

Tuesday’s endorsement from DiVincenzo, who oversees the county that includes Newark, New Jersey’s largest city, comes a day after Christie won the backing of state Sen. and Union City Mayor Brian Stack, the first sitting legislator and sixth mayor to cross the aisle in support of the governor.

Christie has forged alliances across the state with prominent Democrats, including DiVincenzo on his pension overhaul, Newark Mayor Cory Booker on public education changes, and southern New Jersey party leader George Norcross on his plans to reshape the state university system.

Stack said of Christie:  “I’m proud of the work we have accomplished together and I’m honored to call Governor Christie a friend,” Stack said in a news release issued by Christie’s campaign. “There is no one better suited to continue that work for Union City, for this district, and for New Jersey altogether, which is why I am proudly endorsing him for re-election today.”

The 50-year-old Christie has formed alliances with Democrats at all levels throughout the state.  The governor led Democratic state Senator Barbara Buono 59 percent to 29 percent in a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday. Sixty-five percent of respondents said he deserves another term, including 35 percent of Democrats and 76 percent of independent voters.

The Governor’s management of New Jersey makes Christie the ‘poster boy’, and his state a ‘working model’ of the way government should work.  Washington cannot work if every issue is decided along party lines.  That simply means nothing gets done.  Sound familiar?

Christie’s laudable efforts to bring all elected officials in his state together to work for the state’s citizens works for New Jersey, and could work for the country.

But his fellow Republicans don’t like his efforts.  Those who work in the federal government don’t believe in bipartisanship.  Christie received an enormity of criticism for bonding with the President and his efforts to assist the people of New Jersey post Super Storm Sandy.  They were so upset with him that he was un-invited to the CPAC earlier this year.

Christie is often mentioned as a possible candidate for the Presidency in 2016.  Will his bipartisanship help or hurt his chances?  No one can predict the environment in 2016, but independents, such as myself, may find his work ethic refreshing.

Will we continue to see a meld of Chris Christie and the Democrats?  I certainly hope so.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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