Dan Harmon Tweets to Fans I am Back

Dan Harmon tweets I am back

Dan Harmon got on the social media network Twitter to send tweets to his fans confirming his return to the television comedy Community. In a direct question from a fan, Harmon tweeted on Saturday that he will indeed be returning to Community.

Harmon’s tweet said, “Yes yes yes! I’m back I’m back I’m back. You can thank @joelmchale.”

The Hollywood Reporter has said that Harmon is in the process of formalizing his deal with the show’s producer, Sony Pictures Television, to come back to Community as showrunner for the fifth season. Rumors began building last weekend, when Harmon told the audience gathered for his Harmontown podcast that he was asked to return to the show. Harmon was axed from Community last May after a public feud with cast member Chevy Chase.

Gillian Jacobs also got on Twitter to congratulated Harmon – presumably – tweeting, “Welcome back, @danharmon!” she tweeted. “E Pluribus Anus!”

Dan Harman was the original creator of the NBC comedy Community who was given the boot after having a very public feud with Community star Chevy Chase. The feud got so bad that Harman verbally attacked Chase at a party that Chase’s wife and kids were attending with him.

Chase was furious and let his rage flow, after the event. The end result of this verbal fracas was Community – 2. Both men left the show shortly after the blow-up.

But the Community creator is allegedly formalising his deal with the show’s producer Sony Pictures Television to return to the series as showrunner. Writer/EP Chris McKenna, who exited the series in May 2012 after signing a two-year overall deal with Universal Television, is also formalizing his return. Both deals are expected to close in the coming days.

The Community producers, Sony Pictures Television have not released any statement confirming that the deals have been finalised.

Dan Harmon’s tweets to fans that “I am coming back'” came after a leak over the Memorial Day weekend that the creator of the television show, who was also the lead writer and executive producer, had been asked to come back during a taping of his Harmontown podcast.

Harmon will replace David Guarascio and Moses Port at the helm of the beleaguered comedy. The two were brought in to oversee season four, which wrapped its run in May. Critics of the show have said that the comedy had lost the edge it had under the show’s creator.

The return of Dan Harmon to the NBC comedy is just another phase that the backstage beleaguered show has been going through. His row with Chevy Chase ended with a voice mail from Chase which was a expletive filled rage rant at his treatment at the party which his wife and kids attended with him.

Harmon owns up to his previous unacceptable behaviour. He said, “I would have fired me. Sony was always so bummed out about the way I wrote and thought, and they always fantasized about doing the show without me.”

In an obvious effort to make amends with the actor Chevy Chase, Harmon joked that he would only return to the show if Chase was brought back as well. Chevy has yet to make his feeling known about the return of Harmon or his backhanded attempt at a public apology.

NBC will be glad that Harmon’s back. It will hopefully help the comedy show keep it’s standing on the network. Community is the only other existing “older” comedies that the network have left for the new season.

Dan Harmon will be very busy with Community and an animated series titled Rick and Morty that will be joining Adult Swim in a late night slot in 2014.

But until NBC or Sony Picture Television can confirm Dan Harman’s tweets to his fans that he is back, I am afraid that last minute problems could set in. Especially if the show’s producers take him seriously as his wish to bring Chevy Chase back as well.

By Michael Smith


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