Justin Bieber Cut Your Speed and Save a Child

Justin Bieber cut your speed

So Justin Bieber likes to drive fast. Too fast for his neighbour’s children to play safely in their own gated neighbourhood. In the United Kingdom, Justin, we have a saying, “Cut your speed and save a life.” It is also known as, “Kill your speed and spare a child,” but you can get the idea, I am sure.

When your irresponsible and non-caring ways get your former NFL neighbour so angry that he hops in his own car and follows you to your house, try to act with a bit more maturity and stay there and talk to the man. If you are old enough to drive at stupid speeds in a built up area, be old enough to fess up to the act.

But Justin isn’t just running from his former NFL block buddy, wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, who was just one of his neighbours to complain. At least he was not foolhardy enough to pull his spitting act on Keyshawn. Why was that exactly? Too big or too much money? No, besides running from Keyshawn, he is running from the police as well.

Or at the very least he’s hiding from them.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s department sent deputies to Bieber’s house and he refused to come out to talk to them. Citing, “advise from his legal team” he would not step out of his house.

I’ve got news for you “Bieb’s” I used to work with “young offenders” who had the exact same attitude that you have. They too felt above the law and didn’t care who they annoyed or hurt in their pursuit of their own happiness. They also did not care about the consequences, just like you.

I repeat, Justin Bieber, cut your speed and save a child.

Sure, it’s all good fun, until a child dies because of your silly pranks behind the wheel of a car. If a child gets hurt or, God forbid, dies because of your recklessness, your celebrity may save you a real stretch in prison, but it will cost you in the long run.

Because your dwindling league of fans will desert you. I’ve got a question for all the Bieber fans out there. What do you call someone who isn’t famous and who flouts the law for their own enjoyment?

A thug.

It amazes me that this young, “up his own A***,” excuse of a pop-star is still so popular. How can anyone who has such a major disregard for his own neighbours children still be so newsworthy? You only have to turn on the news or switch on your laptop to see his name splashed everywhere.

Other celebrities are saying that they can understand what he is going through. Recently Will Smith, who has a almost 15 year old son (and one who is older by a previous relationship), say that he can understand what Justin is going through and that the media is too tough on him.

Would you still say that, Mr Smith, after this poor misunderstood thug ran your child down in a burst of misunderstood speed?

I think not.

We are all aware that Los Angeles and the entire state of California is the “land of the car.” We get it. But this attitude of, it’s all okay, it’s just Justin growing up, is disgusting. Being a rich young popstar does not give you the right to disregard other less fortunate people’s safety or rights.

So, Justin Bieber, do grow up and cut your speed down to a “safe” and legal level and save a child from suffering or dying because of your reckless behaviour. Who knows, you may feel the need to procreate when you are a bit older, again God forbid, and realise that children’s lives are precious enough to care about.

By Michael Smith


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