Deacon Meets His Maker

Deacon Jones was one fourth of the "Fearsome Foursome" which is considered one of the greatest defensive lines of all time
Deacon Jones was one fourth of the “Fearsome Foursome” which is considered one of the greatest defensive lines of all time

Former National Football League defensive end David “Deacon” Jones terrorized offensive lineman and quarterbacks for years. Well Deacon now gets to harass quarterbacks upstairs as Deacon has gone on to meet his maker.

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith stated once after he broke the all-time sack record that he wasn’t the greatest defensive end of all time. The reason being that he had the record and this other Hall of Fame defensive end didn’t is the fact that they didn’t keep tract of sacks officially until 1982. That person was Jones who passed away on Monday from natural causes, according to the Washington Redskins website.

Jones played first from 1961-1971 with the Los Angeles Rams, the San Diego Chargers in 1972-1973 and lastly with the Redskins in 1974. His head coach from 1966-1970 on the Rams and 1974 on the Redskins was Hall of Fame head coach George Allen who is the father of current Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen who was deeply saddened by the loss.

“Deacon Jones was one of the greatest players in NFL history. Off the field, he was a true giant.  His passion and spirit will continue to inspire those who knew him” said Allen. “He was cherished member of the Allen family and I will always consider him my big brother.”

One of his featured moves was the head slap, which he might have to do a little explain for as Deacon has met has maker. The reason that he has a little explaining to do in heaven is the fact that the move that was so devastating to offensive lineman that the National Football League outlawed it.

According to Pro Football Talk, long after retirement Jones was still an intimidating man that felt the game has gotten too soft.

“I’d probably be arrested with this bunch of guys, they’re soft — give me a break: These guys are soft,” Jones said. “I hit the head. I started there. . . . This game ain’t never going to be safe.”

I disagree with that statement right there, because the players from that era are showing the effects of playing football as they got older.

Players in today’s era can focus fully on the game and can train all year round. So, that means they are bigger, faster and stronger than players from that era.  So, precautions have to be made to minimize the long term effects.

In the end, the those things are can be debated another day as the only thing that matters is the fact that Deacon has met his maker.

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