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Extreme Weight Loss (ABC, 7 p.m. ET) tonight is the second of 13 episodes. It’s called “Meredith,” and it focuses on an inked dream goal that Meredith, given up for adoption by her birth parents, has tattooed on her skin.

The inked dream goal is in the form of a tattoo that Meredith has on her stomach. It’s not an elaborate tattoo; it’s just a number: 155, the amount of weight that she dreams of losing.

If she loses the weight in tonight’s episode of Extreme Weight Loss, Meredith will then qualify for skin removal surgery and can start fresh If she attains her dream goal, the tattoo will be removed along with her extra folds of skin that results when morbidly obese people lose large amounts of weight.

After her birth parents gave her up, Meredith was adopted by a loving couple who eventually had another daughter naturally.  She struggled to fit in, and was the only one in her new family who had weight problems.

Meredith has an extra incentive to lose the weight. She desires to lose weight so she will gain the confidence she needs to reach out to her birth mother and learn more about her.

As with each of the people featured on Extreme Weight Loss, host Chris Powell and his wife, Heidi, spend a year’s time with Meredith, during which she has successes and failures as she struggles to lose the weight and attain her inked dream goal.

During his year with Meredith, transformational specialist Chris Powell helps her contact her birth mom. When Meredith does make contact with her, she receives a surprising revelation.

Also during this episode, Chris challenges Meredith to run a full marathon. While watching her, Chris is also inspired to run it.

Later in the episode, Meredith, a lifetime fan of Baywatch,  gets a surprise visit from former Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert. She is surprised to learn that Nicole had her own weight issues which she struggled with.

Extreme Weight Loss is in its third season. During the episodes,  Chris Powell (author of the New York Times bestseller, Choose to Lose, and the recently released Choose More, Lose More for Life), documents the amazing makeover of 15 courageous, “super obese” people.

The first episode of the third season, last week, was about the weight loss goals of twins David and Rebecca Nielsen. The rest of the season, one person per episode will be focused on.

All of those chosen by Chris to have their weight loss goals and their struggles to attain them documented and televised have different time periods set within an entire year.

During each period, they are asked to weight certain weight loss goals. The first period spans 90 days, and this is taken up in the first half hour of each episode.

The 15 people portrayed in the series have 365 days in which to reach their ultimate weight loss goals.  In some cases, it’s to safely lose up to half of their weight.

The participants undergo a complete transformation, not only of their bodies, but of who they are as individuals.  Chris assures that the participants have the proper nourishment and exercise.  The episodes provide a fresh perspective into the lives of individuals who have let their weight and their poor eating choices make their lives a mess.

This season is filled with remarkable and eye-opening changes, including a married couple, and the inspiring story of an amputee who worked to shed the weight he gained after losing his limb.

Below is a poll in which you can select which food/drink item would be the most difficult for you to give up. I call the poll “Giving It Up for Good.”

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Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Jan   March 31, 2016 at 11:21 pm

    Even though Meredith was in her 20’s, her mental and physical determination was inspiring. I’m 58, have low disc desease, and I want to do better for myself. Bless you Meredith. You were awesome!


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