DNA Contains Codes for Evolution?

dna contains codes for evolution
Inside each and everyone of our cells is an amazing blueprint containing all of the information to create you again.  Scientists have identified 2 strands of these amazing building block storage containers of life and call them DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid, the molecules containing all the genetic information and instructions for your being.  So, what about these other strands which scientists have not identified as useful…the one’s commonly called ‘junk’ DNA and now refer to softly as noncoding DNA?   Did you know that somewhere around 98% of all human DNA fits into the category of noncoding DNA?  Only 2% accounts for the genetic functions and life-building codes we are familiar with.  We do know that some of that 98% has functions such as translation regulation of protein-coding sequences, but what is the rest for? Is it possible our DNA contains within it codes for our evolution as a species?  Is it possible that by activating our noncoding DNA we would start to experience reality very differently?

Many mystics, philosophers and spiritual teachers agree that the key to our evolution as a species lies within our DNA.  If all strands of DNA were active, we would have 12 strands. According to some, each strand correlates with a different dimension of consciousness, or a different perspective by which we can experience this reality.  Those who study and practice DNA activation techniques say the 2 basic DNA strands keep us at a very dense, physical structure and perspective of reality, but as we activate more DNA, our bodies change to become less dense and more ‘full of light.’  This state can be recognized in beings known in spiritual and religious traditions as ‘ascended masters’ with glowing halos and radiant skin.  As evolution in consciousness occurs, and DNA ‘turns on’ it is speculated that this would mean a transformation from a carbon-based matter body, to a silica-based, and finally a crystalline liquid-light pre-matter state body, where the body would glow with light.  According to sources, most of us have approximately 3-3.5 strands activated, allowing  for the experience of only three dimensions of reality.

The Reality of our DNA

Our DNA is bundled, often ‘packed’ in there, and scientists speculate that because of this tight bundling we are unable to gain access to some of it.  Recent research reveals “When the body is ‘stressed,’ as scientists euphemistically put it, these bundles sometimes come unpacked. They de-tangle themselves, and make themselves available.”  This could be likened to what they call post-traumatic growth.  Yes, post-traumatic growth.  I just became familiar with this concept while researching an article about healing through virtual reality.  Game creator Jane McGonigal discovered the ‘post-traumatic growth’ phenomenon while studying what causes people to express more of their fullest potential.  So in our application here it is suggested that stress may actually help to unbundle dormant DNA.  Hmmm.  This is news to me.

What are the implications of this?

Whether you believe in multiple dimensions of reality or bodies changing from carbon to crystal is beside the point.  From this one clue alone we can determine that stress may actually have evolutionary impact on us and not necessarily be something to avoid.

Benefits of Stress

If you look at basic physical evolutionary theory it states that adaptation to environmental changes is key in the survival of a species. It is not the strongest nor the fastest that survives, but the most adaptable to stresses.  This must be true as well for the evolution of consciousness.  So, it is not just the stress itself that causes growth, but instead, like the creation of diamonds, adaptations must occur in order to use the stress for evolution.  In the process of becoming a ‘more advanced expression’ carbon finds itself uncomfortably under at least “435,113 pounds per square inch of pressure at a temperature of at least 752 degrees Fahrenheit (400 Celsius).”  Carbon, in this case, turns to a glowing crystalline structure through high levels of stress to its form.  Interesting.

According to sources, activating your dormant DNA grants you access to all sorts of abilities before unavailable to you such as:  gaining access to a higher potential for yourself, using more of your brain capacity, awakening latent talents, enhancing immune functions, regenerating your body, releasing negativity and utilizing psychic abilities.

So how do we create the kind the effects stress seems to have on our process of evolution without the stress? And if we do experience stress, how can we remember that it is our ability to adapt that is more important than the removal of the stressor? How do we activate dormant DNA strands in order to access the codes for the evolution of our consciousness that they contain?  Can you activate your own DNA?

Some say yes, you can activate your own DNA, others believe you need the assistance of one who is familiar with the process to guide you.  There are tools available on-line such as multi-dimensional soundscapes and so named ‘experts’, though it may be simpler than we think.    Some teachers suggest that it is as easy as increasing the amount of love, gratitude and praise expressed in one’s life.  By starting to see more beauty, speak more praise and recognize more regularly the things you are grateful for, dormant potentials begin to unlock.

Research has identified 3 areas of the brain, the Broca’s area, Wernicke’s area and the planum temporale, which all relate to speech and auditory functions of language as well as music and art.  Modern day mystic Almine believes these areas of the brain have further potential in activating dormant DNA strands, and can be ‘turned-on’ by expressing emotions such as gratitude, love and praise in their highest sense both verbally and bodily.  Experience of those who have practice this report a ‘greater sense of interconnectedness with all that is‘ and ‘an expansion of consciousness beyond previous limitations of mind.’

Perhaps it is as simple as game creator Jane McGonigal’s findings in her suggestions to create the benefits of trauma without the trauma.  Reaching out to at least one person per day, stopping every hour to pay attention to your body and stretch, engaging in calculated tasks and activating the emotion of adoration (or love) – (her suggestion was looking up cute baby animal images on Google).  All of these suggestions seem to correlate with our gratitude, love and praise theory.  Can the activation of dormant evolutionary codes contained within our DNA be that simple?  I hope so.  For my sake and the sake of society!

Do yourself a favor, as you finish up this article, reach out to someone, stand up and stretch, blink your eyes exactly 25 times and look up baby platypus on a Google image search.  Do this again tomorrow with slight variations and every day find at least 10 things you are grateful for.  Praise your friends for how great they are.  Love yourself more than you did yesterday.  Let’s make this world a better place by activating codes contained in our DNA, for our own evolution and the evolution of the planet.  It’s simple and it’s in your hands.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Eternal Light Energy; I09; DNA Activation – Ascended Relationships; Wikipedia; How Stuff Works; Brain Centers; Almine Diary

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