Dwayne Wade playing with pain one win away


Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat knows what it’s like to play with pain. He has four days to recover and rest his injured knee, and then Wade and the Heat will face the Indiana Pacers in game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

If the Miami Heat wins, Wade, 31, will have until the June 6 tip-off of the NBA Finals to try to get his knee well enough to help his team beat whichever team wins the Western Conference finals.

Dwayne Wade’s performance in game 5 was pretty much nonexistent, due to the pain he’s been experiencing in his knee lately. Both he and LeBron have spoken about the issue recently to reporters, and that Wade was far from being at 100 percent of his playing abilities.

When asked about how difficult it was for him to push through his injury, Wade stated that it was “Very tough, but I can’t just sit at home.” He continued, saying:

“I have to come in and I have to do what I can every day and every night to help my team win.”

“I understand that he’s not 100% and he’s giving us everything that he has,” James added.

Wade did whatever he could to help the Miami Heat in game 5, in rebounding, defending, and assisting his teammates,but he definitely wasn’t able to travel up and down the court quickly enough to help them offensively very much.

Dwayne Wade is no stranger to pain and injuries. Five years ago, due to leg injuries, he missed a total of 62 games between the 2006-07 and 2007-08 seasons.

The last two seasons, he’s been forced to miss 30 regular-season games.

Throughout his NBA career, Wade has played nearly 4,900 career postseason minutes. He has also spent three summers playing international basketball.

Is Dwayne Wade’s career near its end because of the toll all of those injuries have taken upon him?

All Dwayne Wade has to do is recover enough to launch a few of his patented looping floaters, or to make some bank shots off of post-ups. He doesn’t need to shoot sixteen free throws this Saturday, to equal his average in the NBA finals 7 years ago. Dwayne Wade just has to keep playing through the pain, taking one game at a time, with one healthy knee.

The Indiana Pacers won’t make things any easier for Wade and the Miami Heat. The will do what they can to take the series to a game 7. They are playing at home, in a building where they’ve won seven of eight playoff contests.

The Miami Heat will have to rely primarily on King James carrying them through to the NBA finals. He is considered to be one of the fiercest clutch competitors around. Wade’s scoring average has dropped to just 13.9 points per game during the playoffs. He only got over 20 points once in the postseason. Then, he scored 21 points during an easy Heat victory over Milwaukee.

One more win, Dwayne Wade. Just one more win.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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