Straight gay or lesbian, but still human

Happy and Gay

Straight, gay or lesbian, but still human

Barbie dolls or footballs? Blue or Pink? Long jeans or skinny ones? Homophobic or Homo centric? If happiness does not have gender, if wishes don’t know gender, if blood doesn’t vary colors then who are ‘Homophobes’? My motto is, straight, gay or lesbian, why does it matter if we’re all human.

If  ‘Blue is the warmest color’ of love, if a teen looks good in pink or a young gay couple kisses amid the street, who cares? And yes, some people care too much. That’s why they shoot gay procession, create riot against gay rights and often kill them. It is mournful to say, even some religious leaders try to cram the gay rights, make gay marriage illegal! Only a marriage registration won’t change the matters, still it needs to be legal. And in remote future, may be gay marriages will be needless like normal marriages now! Human heart is the only vehicle to erase the differences!

Ricky Martin declares himself gay, Korean gay film-maker decides to tie knot, Cannes film festival gets crammed with gay movies, people write gay romance stories but the real picture remains the same. No matter how many processions walk by, how many gay clubs launched or gay activists work, still there will be some creatures who will molest gays in the name of disease. It shouldn’t matter what a person’s sexual orientation is, that fact that you’re human should be sufficient.

Human beings are born free in nature but everywhere he is in chains, so goes the proverb. But no chain is cruel enough the hatred for gay people. Our society is so harsh, it punishes people for wrong reasons or always try to effeminate a particular section just for their choices. A gay celebrity can’t change the condition, nor can the gay rights; as long as we are clinging the old rules, narrow mindset and parochialism to make them outcast, nothing can be changed.

Scientists say, being gay is totally normal, even it is seen in all species of animals; some birds are most vibrant gays. And we have to accept this normality, reversing the abnormal mindset which considers gays are not humans.

When a gay kid gets bullied repeatedly in school, or a gay boy gets beaten by parents or a teen suicides it compels us to think and rethink about the cause. The gay banners or festoons, colorful wristbands or candle walks may only wax eloquent about gay rights, if we really want them to enjoy all rights of being human, we shouldn’t make any differences with them and finally we all unfurl the flag of humanity in the sky of equality amid the white clouds of peace.

We should never forget, Straight, gay or lesbian, but still human.

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