Dwyane Wade Releases Fitness App


Dwyane Wade has created and released a fitness app available on the iTunes store.
Dwyane Wade has created and released a fitness app available on the iTunes store.

Dwyane Wade has been busy this month. First he completed a successful bid to repeat as NBA  champion along with his Miami Heat, and now he has released a fitness app available on the iTunes store.

Named “Dwyane Wade Driven” the iTunes app, currently available for purchase, will cost you $3.99 to download. A focus on basketball within the app is obvious from the description on the iTunes store, and not at all surprising. Considering Wade is one of the top talents in the National Basketball Association, it naturally follows that he would use the sport he is known for to base his new workout plan.

The description explains that anyone who uses Dwyane Wade’s newly released fitness app will be able to “train, compete and live like a Champion” through the help of the program.

As someone who is relatively horrible when it comes to basketball, I am a little hesistent to embrace the Wade’s new fitness app, however he attempted to reassure myself and others who do not possess fine tuned basketball related skills in an interview with the Associated Press. “It shows people ways to work out, a lot of different ways to work out, whether it’s basketball drills or not,” Wade said.

A focus on basketball related drills and skills in the description makes me remain skeptical that this is the program for me, however if it really doesn’t require anything more than a basic basketball proficiency it could prove to be quite a fun little workout regime.

Stating that a basketball hoop is not required for the program, perhaps it truly doesn’t center around basketball. I have not yet downloaded or attempted to perform any of the workouts. Early reviews on the iTunes app store are overwhelmingly positive.

Ameliadon stated that “this is by far the best app for training that I have ever downloaded.” Another positive review comes from Pdbacs7, who commented that the app is “very user friendly. Does a great job of making sure I stay focused and on a strict workout routine that integrates basketball drills very well. Drills are appropriate for all skill levels and workouts are great and challenging in all of the right ways. Best workout app available.”

Dwyane Wade is 31 years old and has a few injuries in recent years. His level of play wasn’t what it previously had been for much of the playoffs this past season, despite his team still being able to secure a title. Perhaps by releasing a fitness app, Dwyane Wade is beginning to branch out into the post basketball world.

If this app proves successful, and it stands a great chance to do so when one looks at the highly accredited trainers and fitness experts that collaborated with the Heat guard in creating the app, Wade may just have found a career he can go into after he decides to hang up his basketball shoes. Don Saladino and Ed Downs joined forces with Wade to produce the workout regime featured in the app.

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