Electric Daisy Carnival – EDC Las Vegas Goes Dutch

Lets Start The Party

Electric Daisy Carnival - EDC Las Vegas Goes Dutch

The party, or in this case the carnival, is about to start. Today around 345,000 people are expected to grace Las Vegas Motor Speedway with their presence, is their going to be some alien sighting? A different version of Burning Man? Alas, that’s not the case, it’s all about modern day Woodstock; the Electric Daisy Carnival. This year the Dutch DJ’s will take over, and command the EDC stage. If you never heard of them it’s about time you did. Most are the best of the best, others just magnificent, and voted as such. Judge for yourself:

Tiesto: A legend. The DJ who is personally responsible for creating a trend. A trend that meant that DJ’s no longer were obscured from view by the public, had to serve beer, or were asked if they could play a specific song for their clientele. Carl Cox, and other household DJ names won year in, and year out the UK best DJ award, and the World best DJ awards. However when Tiesto, or Tijs, arrived on the scene with his devoted fans, these household names had nothing on him. From 2002 until 2004 he was chosen as the best DJ of the world. After these years he has been respectively number two, and three. Tiesto also was asked to perform during the Olympics in Sydney, to compose music for The “Space Mountain” ride in Euro Disney, to remix The Pirate of the Caribbean title song, and to change the iconic music for Mission Impossible the last installment. (Tom Cruise himself was very pleased with the result.) However all of this might not mean anything to you. You probably think: I just want to hear some great tunes, be swept away in a trance like dream, feeling one with the crowd, and part of the DJ. If that is the case then don’t hesitate, and go watch the man himself in action. You won’t regret it.

A moment in DJ history, have a look at the 3.20 mark:


Armin van Buuren: another legend albeit Armin could never fully shake the gleam of Tiesto. Van Buuren is a few years younger than Tijs, has a family, (Tiesto is still single), and is actually a fully licensed lawyer. However don’t think this will reflect in his music in anyway. Apart from knowing how to sue you for copying his music of course. It has to be said that Armin has beaten Tiesto by winning the DJ World title. Armin won the title 5 times instead of 3 times. A difference might have been that Tijs is supposedly a bit stubborn, and changes his music style quite a bit. Tiesto is very passionate about his music, and wants to be continuously innovating. Therefore sometimes alienating his fans. Armin has a keen awareness for his fans, and the money that comes with them. Therefore he pleases the public with the music they want to hear. Unlike Tiesto, who plays the music he thinks the public should hear but doesn’t know about. Armin isn’t a newbie to the Electric Daisy Carnival. So he knows the EDC party likes to go Dutch. He goes out of his way to create a Dutch experience you don’t want to miss.

Check out his video:


Ferry Corsten: Another huge name when it comes down to a top DJ list. Ferry is a bit different from the other two Dutch guys because his music is more personal. He has a specific style that hasn’t been rivaled yet. Check his style:

Sander van Doorn: lesser known Dutch DJ worthy of an appearance during the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Sander started when he was only 16 years old, and made headlines because of his innovative way of mixing, and producing his music.

Fedde Le Grand: is especially famous for his song in 2006 Put your hands up 4 Detroit. However he is probably lesser known in the US, it would still be a good idea to check him out, and see what he has up his sleeve for Vegas. Who knows, he might come up with a new hit which features Las Vegas, and in specific EDC.

Laidback Luke: Has somewhat of a different style. He is considered more a club DJ with a distinctive sound. If you want to switch from dancing in trance music to a different kind of beat, Laidback Luke is your man. See what he has in store for you:

Sunnery James, and Ryan Marciano: are a funny duo. They have their own style, and never fail to create a unique atmosphere. Sunnery James is however mostly famous for being the husband of super model Doutzen Kroes. (A genuine Victoria’s secret angel.) This should not be stopping you from seeing them perform.

This concludes the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Goes Dutch list. If you have seen them, let us know, and share your awesome experiences in the comments. Lets start the EDC party!

By Georgina Pijttersen


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