Endangered African White Lions Really Reincarnated Spiritual Masters? (Video)

Endangered White-Lion of Africa really reincarnated Mast
It has long been foretold in African Zulu shamanic folklore, that the white lion’s return fulfills ancient prophecies and describes these majestic beings as angelic messengers of god.  There appearance on the scene some 40 years ago is thought to be, by those who study and spend time with the lions, a significant event for the present and future of human kind.  Are these endangered African white lions really reincarnated spiritual masters as some believe?  Do they hold a purpose far greater than the average lion?  And if so, what is it?

Born in South Africa, but working as an accounting advertiser and model in London, Linda Tucker was on vacation leave to safari in Timbavati, Africa when her entire world got turned upside down.  After coming virtually face to face with a pack of lions and then rescued by the local shaman, Linda had her interest peaked as to what this significant experience meant for her.  After meeting with the  shaman one on one and being told she was the ‘protector of the white lions’, something resonated deeply for her.  Tucker left her former life in London and moved to Timbavati, Africa to pursue her ‘destiny’ of protecting the endangered white lions.

African legend tells of a time at the ‘end of the world’ when the white lions would return, bringing comfort and peace to the humans during a time of great transition.  According to Linda,  the white lions hold a very deep and sacred spiritual energy she likens to the yogis in deep meditative samadhi, or cosmic bliss.  She feels that with their consciousness they are holding open a portal for humans to connect more deeply with our divine nature at this time.  She also believes it is possible that ascended spiritual masters have  incarnated in the cloak of these ‘endangered’ African white lions as our teachers.  Considering the synchronicities following the white lions return, even the healthy skepticism would have to question.

Sources reveal that the location of the appearance of the white lions originally, there in Timbavati, is in perfect alignment with the Nile meridian, where the Sphinx is located in Egypt.  The Sphinx is the symbol of man and lion coming together.  The lion’s appearance is also happening during our zodiacal ‘Age of Aquarius’, the time when our North pole points toward the constellation of Aquarius.  When the North pole points toward Aquarius the South pole points toward the opposing constellation in the zodiac, which in this case is Leo – Leo the lion.  Aquarius symbolizes human existence and civilizations and Leo IS the lion. Coincidence?  Just as the lion in the sky appears above the southern end of the Earth, the white lions appear in the southern hemisphere along the Nile meridian, also known as the meridian of ‘First Time’, or Zep Tepi to the Zulu.

Linda Tucker devoted her life to the white lions and has found deep peace and spiritual communion in their presence. This did not happen right away.  Upon her initial arrival with the lions, she spent  a six year ‘initiatory’ period, getting to know the white lions, delving into the nature there in Africa and learning to tune into the intuitive way these animals were teaching her. She spent years aiding in their rescue from extinction and trapping by those who would hunt them.  While rescuing lions from ‘canned’ hunters (those who breed the lions in captivity to be hunted by paying customers), Tucker awaited her next sign.  She was being trained in the way of a ‘lion protector’ by the cosmos itself, through interaction with these special creatures.

The next marker pointed to a white lioness cub born in a canned hunting camp in a town called Bethlehem on Christmas day.  This cub took several years to get released to Tucker, as the lioness had been fathered by a zoo owned lion who tried desperately to keep custody of this rare white marvel.  Tucker knew she needed the animals ancestral land there in Timbavati to keep them protected and with financial assistance from the creator of the children’s show Barney, Tucker was able to purchase 2,200 acres of land for the white lions.  Her fight for the lions has paid off wildly, as these lions know her and communicate with her on a level most people could never imagine.  She says “I do not believe I am here to save the white lions, I believe they are here to save us.

To the Zulu people in southern Africa, the white lions represent a purity before unseen, indicating enlightenment and the merging of all racial orientations into one color – the white light.  So, whether the endangered white lions of Africa are really reincarnated spiritual masters or not, they are definitely majestic and worth paying attention to, and who knows, maybe there is something more to it. According to Tucker, if you wish to connect more deeply with the white lions to know for sure, set your intention as such, for as many other ascended spiritual beings, white lions will visit you in your dreams. For Linda Tucker, they are a source of peace, inspiration and life purpose being fulfilled.  Merging scientific truths with spiritual wisdom, Linda explains more about her journey and the significance of the white lions in her book Mystery of the White

Video Star Beings of Africa

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: White Lions Home Land; Linda’s Story; Mail Online

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