Evolution of Man from Mermaids?

Evolution of Man from Mermaids?

Since Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution more than 150 years ago, however it still remains controversial. Religious leaders and politicians denounce it, school boards debate whether the theory should be taught alongside creationism and intelligent design.

In 1859, the first edition of “The Origin of Species,” Charles Darwin speculated how a land mammal like the North American black bear could turn into a whale, but the idea did not go well with the public. Today, scientists know that Darwin had the right idea but the wrong animal.

Natural selection

Darwin’s natural selection theory of evolution was one of the best substantiated theories in the history of science because it was supported by a wide variety of scientific disciplines which include geology, paleontology, geology, developmental biology, and genetics.

Natural selection theory is a process by which organism can change as a result of normal behavioral or heritable traits to allow the organism to adapt to its environment in order to survive. Natural selection can cause a population to change size or color over the course of generations to create an entirely new species turning apes to humans, dinosaurs to birds, or amphibious mammals to whales.

Mermaid: The Body Found documentary

Mermaid: The Body Found documentary showcases a mysterious body discovered in South Africa with animated scenes showing the development of these creatures. The film showed several pieces of evidence that promote the existence of aquatic ape hypothesis linking them to the evolutionary ancestry of man. Does this corroborate the theory of the evolution of man from mermaids?

The program showcases strong evidence that humans share an evolutionary history with mermen and mermaids.

• Humans can control and hold their breath longer than other terrestrial animals.  Peter Colat, a free-diver can hold his breath under water for 19 to 21 minutes.
• Human babies can instinctively hold their breath when underwater, which is arguably evidence of our aquatic past.
• Humans are practically hairless compared to other land animals.
• We were born with insulating fat throughout our body just like marine mammals.
• Evolution from land to sea happened before. Whales allegedly transition from a wolf-like ancestor known as Ambulocetus, mesonychids, and Pakicetus.
•  A group of brown bears evolved to polar bears that are becoming marine mammals.

Mermaid’s aquatic ape hypothesis

A German pathologist proposed an aquatic ape theory program in 1942 that allegedly claimed that in our evolutionary development, our ancestors went through a watery stage where our ability to walk upright first evolved. While the scientific community met it with much skepticism, a respectable number of lay people supported them. Our first advanced intelligence was developed when our alleged ape-like ancestors started living near the ocean.

Because of the volcanic activity and earthquakes along the coasts, some of our supposed ancestors headed inland while others live in the sea and rather than retreating from the water, they went deeper inland.

Mermaids Exist

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently confirmed the possibility of the existence of mermaids. Apparently, the evidence is growing in numbers according to the post on their “Ocean Facts,” titled “Conclusive Evidence of the Existence of Aquatic Humanoids.”

Sandy Nixon, National Ocean Service spokeswoman told WWN that 65 mermaid experts and researchers gathered in Tahiti Island to examine the evidence and concluded that half-human half-fish hybrids live among us. They said that most of the mermaids lived in the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean where the waters are warmer. Marcus Plumkin, a mermaidologist of the University of Florida said that there is a large school of mermaids swimming outside Ocean City Maryland.

WWN recently claimed  that the U.S. government has captured seven mermaids, and they are being studied in an undisclosed aquarium. According to a number of reports, President Obama was quite impressed when he personally met the mermaids. How much of this is believable is a matter for you to decide.

Science Fact or Fiction?

Is the Mermaid: The Body Found documentary a hoax or does it really prove the existence of mermaids? Is it science fiction? Does this substantiate the theory of  the evolution of man from mermaids? Were the scientists claims that say they have found the remains of a mermaid nothing less than fanatical?

Keep on the lookout for mermaids when you’re at the beach because according to a number of so called experts, they’re out there.

Written by: Janet Grace Ortigas


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