Exposing the ‘Naked Vikings’ [Video]

An investigation is hoping to expose the 'Naked Vikings' hazing practice after seven juniors were beaten at Inglemoor high school.
An investigation is hoping to expose the ‘Naked Vikings’ hazing practice after seven juniors were beaten at Inglemoor high school.

Washington police have started an investigation hoping to expose a local school spirit group known as the ‘Naked Vikings’. Five recent graduates of Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, Washington are being investigated for their role in the beatings of seven juniors at the school.

The hazing ritual, investigators believe, is a step required for admission in the ‘Naked Vikings’ a social group that is unsanctioned by school officials. The seven juniors who were beaten as part of the hazing were allegedly blind folded and taken into the woods. They were then beaten with pipes and golf clubs, turning so violent that police had to become involved.

According to James Walvatne, a junior at the school, in an interview with Fox News “They used PVC pipes, headless golf clubs, and flour and maple syrup. They peed on us and stuff.” He said that he did not attempt to stop the beatings because he wanted to become a part of the group.

A witness of the beatings, Jeannie Collier, also said that police found a student still in the forest, slumped over a log and bleeding from open wounds. This student was also rumored to have hypothermia according to KIRO. She said that “We were woken up in the middle of the night,” Collier said. “It sounded like someone was staple-gunning someone — it was really loud.”

This is not the first effort to expose the ‘Naked Vikings’ as previous investigations conducted by the school board as well as the Northshore School District, came up fruitless. Not enough evidence was found to prove that the hazing and other misconduct was the work of the ‘Naked Vikings’.

Participation with the group has already been banned from the school since the incident occurred. School Principal Vicki Sherwood told parents in a letter that “students will no longer be allowed to wear clothing or accessories that represent the Naked Vikings and we will work collaboratively with student leadership to develop a school-sanctioned spirit club that represents our true Inglemoor values and traditions.”

School officials have cooperated with the Sheriff’s department in hopes that this investigation will be the one that exposes the ‘Naked Vikings’ for who they really are. Hazing is a major problem in school’s and, as this incident illustrates, can be taken way too far by students.

The ‘Naked Vikings’ were previously known to be a group of students who would dress up in costume and face paint to cheer on the crowd at sporting events, particularly football games.

No arrests have been made as of yet, as it is an ongoing investigation. Officials hope that this proves to be the last straw for the group, exposing the ‘Naked Vikings’ once and for all.

A local news piece about the incident can be seen here. (Per Fox 13)

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