Falling Skies Returns to Television and a Teaser Trailer Wets Appetites (Video)

Falling Skies returning to tv teaser trailer
Falling Skies returns to television for a third season this Sunday and TNT have released a teaser trailer that wets appetites with a brief glance of all this popular show has to offer. With its signature science fiction elements that captured audiences imagination from the very first episode in 2011.

The show is a combination action, horror, and a post-apocalyptic drama. Fans of the show say that mystery plays a large part in the Falling Skies verse, for example; just why did the aliens invade Earth anyway, what is their ultimate goal? But the TNT show mixes the elements of mystery and all the other element and this season, the stakes go up even higher.

It appears that one of the mysteries in this new season is the identity of a mole within the resistance. Somebody living in the resistance capitol of Charleston, which is what remains of the United States, is leaking information and strategy to the alien enemy.

In the teaser trailer, Noah Wyle who plays Tom, Moon Bloodgood who plays Anne, Colin Cunningham who plays Pope, Drew Roy who plays Hal, and more cast members talk about season 3 and the challenges that the characters will face in the new season.

The return of Falling Skies to our television sets is pretty exciting news. The teaser trailer has us pretty amped up for the show to return, but the stars speculations about season three isn’t the only thing that has wet our appetite for the new season, someone else has added to the excitement level.

Showrunner Remi Aubuchon had a little something to say about Falling Skies mysteries, surprises, and red herrings.

Remi, who is leaving the show before the, predicted, fourth season in order to work on his debut novel, told EW that when it came to the surprises about season 3 mysteries, the writers aimed to “make it not only organic but also something that eventually makes sense in the big picture.”

Aubuchon also said that Falling Skys have a pretty sophisticated viewing audience that seem to be able to pick out the red herrings that are such a vital part of the show. He acknowledged that it makes actually surprising their viewers that little bit more difficult. But the showrunner believes that the show’s writers are up for the challenge.

Remi said, “The red-herring problem has been a problem for every writer throughout the course of history probably. What we chose to do is to have a lot of red herrings. I firmly believe that the audience will be surprised by the way in which the mole is revealed.”

It sounds like show’s writers have quite a few red herrings up their sleeves to drag the mole discovery out for a while.

But before we can even ponder the possibility of who that may be, the action packed trailer has us ready for the season to start. With the winning combination that this show already has, it seems to us that a fourth season has already got to be in the works.

The third season of Falling Skies returns to our televisions with a two hour season premiere on TNT this Sunday, June 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The remaining episodes will be aired on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. We expect that this appetite wetting little trailer will get all of you excited. We certainly are!

By Michael Smith