FIFA World Cup: Brazil protests against spendings

FIFA World Cup:Brazil protests against spendings

More than 500 people rallied against the white elephant chase of Brazil Government to organize FIFA World Cup. The long queue of people showed up their earnest protest against big spending of World Cup rituals to attract viewers worldwide just before the Confederation Cup kick off. They walked in front of the central football stadium of Brasilia to forge their protest ahead. The protesters were trimmed with banners, placards, festoons and something more to swirl the football tide in new direction. According to them the expenses are soaring high while some are still battling to make both ends meet. They even burned the banners, placards to intensify the protest. The meaningless expenses are making them mad.

They even tried to block the roads but police countered the attack and disarmed them. At some point they were trying to block thousands of fans who were about to enter the stadium. Though no major confrontation among the rally and police had occurred still police need to do something unusual to thwart them. Some sources said, policemen had thrown tear gases and fired in the air to break down the maddening people. It was almost looking like a riot by them And people from the land of football seemed much concerned about the expensive FIFA affairs rather than FIFA world Cup. They can’t really digest the spending ahead of struggling civilization. “They should respect the population”, a protester has said.

The Getty images had clicked photographs of protesting people risking their own lives to make the city standstill. They burned tyres and blocked the access to the Mane Garrincha, one of the host stadiums of Confederation cup. They were boisterous, stormy. The protest was turning into celebration rather than grief in later hours. Even some crazy ones jumped over fire barricade , while firefighters struggled to blow off the fires. None seemed concerned about the Brazil’s kick off against Japan. Neymar or Oscar was not in their thoughts.

Protesters carried banners saying that too much money was being spent on the Confederations Cup and next year’s World Cup while the majority of the population continue to struggle. The voice of protest becomes aggressive day by day. Spending do cause itches!

‘We are demanding more respect to the population,’ said 21-year-old Vinicius de Assis, one of the protesters.

‘They are building these overpriced stadiums and are not worrying about the situation of their own people.’. It is really a matter of concern. Countrymen are being ignored! And we must say, they are ‘Samba supporters’, they should not be ignored.

The demonstrators also shouted against FIFA, saying that football’s governing body doesn’t have the right to make demands on the Brazilian government. ‘FIFA, go away,’ they chanted. FIFA world Cup is really making a mess interrupting the normal nuances of lives. It brings back discrimination in the country. Does the “open armed Jesus” view this?

The protesters said they are being excluded from the tournaments because of the high prices of match tickets.

‘This is a shame, this is our money that they used for these tournaments,’ said demonstrator Jaisson Peres. ‘Millions and millions spent and we don’t get anything in return.’

The local government said only about 200 demonstrators participated in the protest. It said in a statement that police used ‘progressive force’ to keep the protest under control but said they would take action if needed to keep the demonstrators away from the stadium.

‘Authorities will not allow any disturbance of public order or any threats against the match,’ the government said. ‘It’s guaranteed that fans have complete access to the stadium.’ But those fans include the countrymen, they swear by football. The Government must be aware of that, says a protester. It’s unnaturally bizarre that a football country like Brazil could gear up against football. Some said they are obviously not against the football, they are just against the Government policies. So, Samba country Brazil protests against the big spendings, expenses to let the world know about their strives, struggles. They do love the game, but not the money game. FIFA World Cup organizers must look after their own countrymen.

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

2 Responses to "FIFA World Cup: Brazil protests against spendings"

  1. Luciano Jesus   June 17, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    We Don’t Need The World Cup. We need Health, Security And Education, not expensive stadiums!
    If you come to Brazil, please help us to protest.
    FIFA OUT! Together we make a better world!!!

  2. Eduardo Anony Mous   June 16, 2013 at 9:00 am

    People of all the world, please, dont come to BRAZIL WORLD CUP 2014!
    This cup made the brazil sick. Government relinquished the money for improve the education and the health system to invest in some stadiums which will never be used after the world cup, like the stadium Mané Garricha!
    Please people of all the world, dont come to BRAZIL WORLD CUP 2014!


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