G O P-Guaranteeing Outdated Policies


the-gop-fiscal-cliff-counteroffer-is-brilliantand-its-actually-a-really-good-signWho represents the Republican Party?  If they are people like Rick Perry, John Boehner, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachmann, or Paul Ryan, they might as well close up shop.  Professional politicians, such as these, prove that the G O P stands for guaranteeing outdated policies.

Failed and antiquated ideas from the 2012 election continue to dominate the platform of the Republican Party.  Looking at the results from last year, they are on a suicide mission.  They simply do not relate to the average American, or care about their concerns.

You don’t have to read between the lines when Speaker John Boehner speaks.  He has bluntly stated in political-eze that immigration reform will not pass in the House.  The “boner” needs to read his job description.  He is supposed to work with both sides of the aisle, and do something, anything, maybe even facilitating the passage of legislation.

The American people want passage of comprehensive legislation which allows a fair road to citizenship.  They don’t care what House Republicans want.  Their job is to work for the American people, not against them.

Citizens of the United States want to allow same-sex marriage, but not Republicans.  They cried about the rescinding of the DOMA on Tuesday, while America celebrated a victory for equality.

In her classic fashion, Michelle Bachmann attacked the five members of the Supreme Court who voted to strike down the provisions that disallowed equal treatment under the law.  She said they were acting “like Gods,” in making their decision, and that God would have the final opinion.  She only ‘thinks’ she speaks for God.  We know she speaks for racism, bigotry, and misogyny.

The Puritanical thinking of the GOP is weakening their status among independents.  They have no original ideas, and continue to regurgitate old ones.

Rand Paul is against any form of gun legislation, although the vast majority of Americans, including gun owners want extensive background checks.  So, who is he representing?  A simple answer; the lobby that puts money in his bank account.

Paul Ryan and his TEA Party pledged no new taxes to Grover Norquist.  They don’t care if the people want to see a balance between fair taxation and spending cuts.  He made his oath of office null and void when Ryan placed Norquist in a position of priority over the American people.  He should be impeached.

Last, but never least is the failed Governor of Texas.  Rick Perry is a throwback, and soon, thanks to his position on the rights of women and the LGBT community, he may be thrown back.

Tuesday, at midnight, the end of a special legislative session called by Perry, witnessed an historic and uplifting moment.  Democratic Senator Wendy Davis filibustered for almost 13 hours a bill that would virtually forbid any abortions in the state of Texas.

Senator Davis had to stand on two feet, could not lean, could not eat or drink, could not use the restroom, and had to ‘stay on topic.’  As midnight chimed on the clock, a raucous crowd cheered, “Wendy, Wendy.”

Governor Perry, the ultimate misogynist, has called another special session to begin on Monday.  He didn’t get his way, so he’ll keep calling special sessions until he does.

Republicans continue to refer to their “base.”  Their “base” is dwindling.  They are getting older and whiter every year.  After being trounced in the 2012 election, the RNC said they were going to appeal to Hispanics, younger voters, and women.  When was this supposed to begin, 20 years from now?

Meanwhile, Democrats have renewed their label.  They actively seek greater participation by women and minorities.  They’ll most likely have a woman as their presidential candidate in 2016.

Republicans rely solely on their ‘red states.’  This state-centered, relatively homogenous GOP structure, effectively prevents the party from changing its stripes.

And so-called “new Republicans,” such as Chris Christy and Jeb Bush, are shunned by the majority of the GOP for not being far enough to the right, and consorting with ‘the enemy.’

There’s a word that has been removed from the Republican dictionary, ‘Centrist.’  That’s the place where something gets done in Washington.  Unfortunately, the door to that room is shut, and it has been padlocked.

For the foreseeable future, G O P will continue to stand for, ‘Guaranteeing Outdated Policies.’

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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