George Zimmerman Case Sparks Death Threats and Racism on Twitter; Mainstream Media Ignores.

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In today’s America, skin color and political persuasion determine what one can and cannot think, say and do; if your skin is not white, you have carte blanche to express whatever deep-rooted hatred and racism you may harbor. If you are white, however, you have to be a Liberal to get away with racist, sexist or homophobic comments or “hate-speech”. The second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman, currently underway in Florida, has sparked numerous death-threats and an outpouring of racism on Twitter, but the mainstream media ignores it because it doesn’t fit their narrative; that only white Conservatives are capable of being racists.

An interesting side-note is the recent downfall of celebrity kitchen maven Paula Deen; after admitting, under oath, that she had used the “N-word” more than twenty years ago, Deen’s contract with the Food Network was doomed and she has been deluged with negative publicity and widespread criticism. Deen’s mistake was not making it widely known that she voted for Barack Obama twice; had she done so, the mainstream media would have ignored her transgression or made excuses for her and her career would have continued, unaffected. Being a white woman from the South, however, meant that everyone assumed she was just another evil Conservative – probably one of those crazy Tea Party racists – and, therefore, she was condemned.

Were a white Conservative to take to social media and express a desire to kill some “ni-ers”, there would be a national outcry and the individual in question would, without a doubt, be in jail and awaiting trail for a string of charges. This scenario is unlikely, of course, due to the fact that 99 percent of white Conservatives are not racist. Sparked by the George Zimmerman case, a number of black people – displaying an impressive level of intelligence and educational prowess – have taken to twitter to issue death threats and spew their vicious hatred of white people. This has all been largely ignored by the mainstream media. More importantly; it has been ignored by the Justice Department, who should already have dispatched the FBI to question these individuals, since they are making actual death threats and also inciting public disorder and violence.

This is just a small selection of comments that were originally published by Twitchy. Be warned: The language is graphic:

Zimmerman twitter comments

Zimmerman twitter comments2

Zimmerman twitter comments3


At one time, is was generally accepted that the limits of free speech were drawn at the point where that speech incites hatred or violence. The questions every reasonable American should be asking, therefore, are: Where is the outrage of the sanctimonious Left, who are so opposed to “hate-speech”? Where is the action by law enforcement? Why has the mainstream media ignored such blatant death threats and racism, sparked by the trial of a man who was, clearly, doing nothing more than defending himself?

Hailing the recent Supreme Court ruling on Same-sex marriage, President Obama spoke of America being founded upon the idea that all men are equal. He is absolutely correct. The Liberal media – along with almost every Liberal in this country – clearly does not believe this, however; they continue to apply different standards to different groups, based on political belief, skin color, gender or religion.

When white and black are judged equally; when Conservative and Liberal are judged equally; when Christian and non-Christian are judged equally, then America will be the country it was intended to be. However; whilst blacks are allowed to openly display racism and homicidal intentions with impunity, where a white person, doing the same, would find themselves ostracized and, likely, imprisoned, then racism will live on. The black community deserves no respect from the white community until they deal with these degenerates in their midst. The dishonest and hypocritical mainstream media deserves no respect from the American people until they break their deafening and shameful silence, regarding such incidents.

Graham J Noble


11 Responses to "George Zimmerman Case Sparks Death Threats and Racism on Twitter; Mainstream Media Ignores."

  1. Strockerz   July 1, 2013 at 4:04 am

    I do know the evidence and will prove it once again. First, I did not say there was no damage to T’s hands. I said there wasnt a mark on any of T’s knuckles and the autopsy report proves it. Here is the pdf to the actual report:,d.dmQ

    On page 7 of the pdf file it shows the only mark on his hands was a small abrasion on his left hand ring finger between the knuckles. There is a scar on his right hand but aside from that, nothing else. Not a single mark on any of his knuckles.

    Some media outlets falsely reported damage to his knuckles but unlike some people i look for the most accurate sources and not the most convenient. Like I said, the author does not know the facts of this case and worse, makes false accusations against those who do.

  2. Strockerz   June 30, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Try it again.

    Omara said last year the facts do not support a Stand Your Ground defense so referencing the SYG statute while trying to defend Z shows one does not even know what Z’s own lawyer has stated regarding the law.

    To say there is not a “shred” of evidence Z was the aggressor is quite bizarre considering:

    1. Z followed him in his truck without just cause. (If anyone says it was justified point to the evidence and no, Z’s self serving hearsay is not evidence.)

    2. Z condemned him as a criminal based on nothing more than T’s presence.

    3. Z complained how they always get away by lamenting about LEO ineptitude.

    4. When T ran away Z exited his vehicle and pursued him on foot.

    5. Z had a fixed meeting location with the police but cancelled it.

    That is just some of the evidence he was the aggressor.

    Good described the position as the one on the bottom being able to escape. Period. We also know Z had engaged in intensive MMA training 3 days a week beginning several months prior to the shooting.

    Good also pointed out he didnt see or hear T punch Z or slam his head on the sidewalk. The physical evidence proves T did not repeatedly punch him as T didnt have a single mark on any knuckle and none of Z’s dna was found on his hands, cuffs or lower sleeves.

    • Graham Noble   June 30, 2013 at 4:21 pm

      You made a number of statements that are completely untrue. You provided no credible sources for you assertions. I, on the other hand, can point to documented facts that show your statements to be untrue.

      With all due respect, please do not waste my time just making up events that did not happen. If you took the time to objectively study all the evidence that has, so far, been revealed, you could not possibly maintain that anything you have said is accurate.

      Clearly, you know nothing about the case. I have cited sources for the statements I have made; you have merely made statements and expect them to be accepted as truth, merely because you made them. The real world doesn’t work like that.

      I could refute all but one of the points you made. I have better things to do, but I will give you one example: You state that the autopsy of Martin showed no damage to his hands. This is simply a lie; an indisputable, outright lie. The autopsy listed damage to Martin’s knuckles. That happens to be a recorded fact.

      You cannot just make stuff up and then pretend it’s the truth, when the RECORD shows that it is not.

  3. Strockerz   June 30, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    Strange. Other comments were approved almost immediately and when I responded to jersey dave it went up immediately as well. However, my last comment to Graham still hasnt appeared.

  4. Jersey Dave   June 30, 2013 at 9:58 am

    I blame the media in part as they are in full shouting mode and have been for a year. They should just let the trial go on (And really, if I were prosecutor I would have charged Voluntary Manslaughter with Negligent Homicide as a backup, much easier to convict on than murder, especially with Martin’s girlfriend testifying that he told her on the phone he was thinking of jumping Zimmerman.) However the media is stoking this one hard, and whatever the verdict there may be more violence.

    • Strockerz   June 30, 2013 at 10:34 am

      If she said T was thinking of jumping Z then give us the date/time mark when she made this statement during her testimony.

      The primary reasons they filed for M2 (also knowing the lesser charges are included) is Z’s recorded state of mind and the fact he was the aggressor. The most damaging statement to Z from Good was when he described T straddling him in a way Z could escape if he wanted to. Many people have overlooked the importance because they do not know under Florida law Z has to prove he exhausted every reasonable means of escape before using deadly force because he was the aggressor.

      • Graham Noble   June 30, 2013 at 10:47 am

        You are completely wrong on several counts: Firstly, you state with certainty that Zimmerman was the aggressor; there is not a shred of evidence to back up this claim. Secondly; Good did NOT say that he saw Zimmerman in a position where he could have escaped – he was providing a generic description of an MMA technique, generally known as “ground and pound”, in which the person on the bottom MAY be able to get away (assuming they have the training and strength to do so).

        Your suggestion is that, although Zimmerman was in a position to escape, he deliberately lay there and allowed Martin to continuously punch him in the face. This is completely ridiculous: what person is going to do that?

        Lastly; you are absolutely incorrect about Florida law: Florida has a ‘stand your ground’ law, which means that an individual is not required to escape or retreat, if attacked…which Zimmerman clearly was.

  5. Strockerz   June 30, 2013 at 9:44 am

    There are violent racist comments coming from every side and the msm has not covered them. This article is nothing but a desperate attempt to justify racism and the author does not know the facts of the case which only reinforces the offered reason for writing this piece at all.

  6. GentlemanPugilist   June 30, 2013 at 1:48 am

    Unfortunately this was only to be expected. I’m from the Scotland but I have been following this case with interest, and it struck me from the very beginning that there was a level of hysteria surrounding this case that is solely attributable to the fact that the victim was black and the shooter wasn’t. Initially, I seem to recall, the media described Zimmerman as white, and only later did it amend this to ‘white Hispanic’.

    The fact that President Obama felt the need to intervene, effectively stating that Trayvon could’ve been his own son, only heightened the tension and added political pressure to the demands to have Zimmerman stand trial.

    People are essentially tribal by nature, as evidenced by the 95% plus of blacks who voted for Obama, and it seems that black people are especially enraged by the fact that ‘one of their own’ has been murdered by an outsider.

    Based on my, somewhat limited, understanding of the Florida second degree murder charge Zimmerman’s facing, I can’t help but feel he’ll be acquitted. The testimony of his neighbour, John Good, coupled with the injuries he seems to have suffered, appear to substantiate his claim that he was acting in self defence. Unfortunately this won’t do anything to satisfy the baying mob who will only see this as evidence of the state ‘keeping a brother down’.


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