Glock Block A New Kind of Neighbourhood Watch

Glock Block

Say hello to a new kind of Neighbourhood Watch, the “Glock Block.” The residents of a town in Oregon say that they’re not going to call the police any more for help, they’ve taken a page out of the Bible and are “helping themselves.”

The denizens of the Jennings Lodge neighbourhood have stopped relying on the old Neighbourhood Watch scheme and are going back to the days of vigilante justice. They say the police can’t help them when they need it and have armed themselves.

The folks who live in the Clackamas County town of Jennings Lodge in Oregon have gotten permits and licenses to carry concealed guns as the petty crime rate in the town increases.

A flier posted in the area says, “This is a Glock Block. We don’t call 911.” One of the residents said firmly, “I will defend myself and my home.”

Residents that were frustrated by the increase in petty crime and the polices seeming inability to respond quickly enough has lead to the people putting up the “Glock Block” fliers and arming themselves, according to KOIN News.

Coy Toloman has joined some of her neighbours and put up the fliers and got herself a concealed to carry permit with the idea of trying to deter criminals from targeting their neighbourhood. Toloman admits that the rising crime rate consists of mostly petty crime. Incidents like vandalism and stolen lawn ornaments have taken Coy’s patience to the limit and broken it.

Toloman said, “We’re starting a new group. We don’t feel neighborhood watch is sufficient, and we don’t feel the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is sufficient.” Certainly the posting of the “Glock Block” fliers isn’t too different from posting Neighbourhood Watch fliers, the main difference being the new kind of message that the citizens of Jennings Lodge are putting across.

“We won’t call the police, we’ll pull out our Glock.”

As Toloman implied, sometimes the thieves move to quickly to stop any other way. Coy Toloman who is a resident of Milwaukie, which is just south of Portland, Ore. said that a lawn statue she calls ‘Lilly Rose’ was stolen off her front porch. She chased after the thief but he got away.

The breast cancer survivor said of the incident, “The radio was on. If he’d gotten in the house…what then?” Coy Toloman decided to take matters into her own hands. She took taking a class to get a concealed carry permit. Coy said that other neighbors also have permits.

She said that they often discus “what kind of gun they have” and “the best gun shop.”

Toloman said, “I think more people should have permits to carry but they should be trained and responsible.” She also said that she hopes that the criminals see the fliers before trying to rob her again, or perhaps do something even worse. She said, “I will defend myself and my home.”

Law enforcement officials always warn against the public taking the “law into their own hands” and especially caution anyone that they think might want to pursue “vigilante justice” by arming themselves. But regardless of what the police say, armed citizens and groups of citizens are deterring crime.

In northwest Houston, Texas, residents in the the community of Oak Forest were the first to be trained and equipped by the Armed Citizen Project this month, according to the Associated Press.

The Houston nonprofit organisation is giving away free shotguns to single women and other residents of high-crime neighborhoods. The Armed Citizen Project plan to offer training in other cities in Texas and Arizona and would like to expand to Chicago and New York this year.

While this appears to be a giant step into America’s past, in the days of gunslingers and vigilante groups who hung rustlers and horse thieves, the “Glock Block” in Oregon and their spiritual cousins in Texas are just trying to evolve into a new kind of neighbourhood watch and deter criminals, not kill them. Yet.

By Michael Smith


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