Google to Create Game Console


Google doesn’t already own the half of the world with Apple, okay; Microsoft has their hand in there too. Google doesn’t have their hands into everything yet. So why not just jump in with everyone else when it comes to game consoles. With two, mini’s out already what size and speed will Google give us?

Why so many reports on game consoles within a month? If you know E3, then you know of the new Xbox One and the Sony PS4, then came OUYA, and then BlueStacks GamePop. I reported on another product that would allow you to play already purchased games, the CX-919.

I hope Google can create something that can blow everyone out of the water, but again, we will have to wait and see. Now with Google already having the Nexus Q that didn’t go over very well with techies who got their hands on one before the public. Rumors are that they will be releasing the Nexus Q to the public, but I feel there a bit late on this one. How will Google make the next device as popular as the Nexus 7 and 10?

According to a Wall Street Journal report citing sources “familiar” with Google’s plans, the company is working on an Android-based game console. It’s not the OUYAs that it has in its sights, but the rumored console is allegedly an attempt to preempt a similar device that Apple may bring to the market in the future.

Google also has their eyes on a smartwatch that also uses their Android OS. With Samsung Electronics Co. the biggest of Google’s hardware partners. Samsung has said it’s working on an Android-based watch with smartphone-like capabilities. Wearable computing is a hot area of development for startups and technology giants. Google is trying to expand Android OS beyond just smartphones and tablets.

Games that run on Android software have proven particularly popular, and they are growing more quickly than games made for the big-name consoles supplied by Microsoft Corp., Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. The appeal of such games has prompted the development of new devices aimed specifically for Android by other hardware companies.
Google has been developing low-cost Android smartphones of its own with an eye toward offering them in developing markets, other people familiar with the matter have said, including in markets where Google plans to fund or help create next-generation wireless networks.

The next release of Android is rumored to be coming this fall; Google is also moving more aggressively to use the software in additional kinds of devices, including laptops and appliances such as refrigerators. Even though Google might be trying to put Android on other devices. It’s still a free OS that will allow programmers to make apps to help with the daily tasks of these new devices. I know I’m ready for some “Key Lime Pie” to see what’s new and how it can beat out my least favorite Apple iOS. (Okay, truth be told I’m not an Apple fan. So what?!) You should see a game console created by Google soon.

Don’t go buying things as they come out, or you might regret it because six months later they could come out with something faster, stronger, and better.

By: Forrest L. Rawls

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